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Estate agent refusing to let someone buy a house just because they had another agency with them at the time of viewing


An estate agent in port elizabeth, refused to assist someone in buying a house because they had a friend with them that was from another agency. He let her go through the whole process, got her hopes up and then said that the owner went with someone else yet the other person's offer was lower then hers, she had approval in principle so did the other person. I had then applied for viewing via gumtree and was called back by said agent for him to tell me that there are offers in and that they are waiting for approval I should call back the following week. I called back 5 minutes later to clarify what had just been said, I then further told him that it was my sister in law that's one of the applicants that's approvals he had received he then told me she should contact him because he was not aware about the approval. When she called 5 minutes later he then told her the owerz have signed with the other people and the house is sold. Yet the house is still on the market and has not been advertised as sold... I then later asked him to be honest and say that he didn't want to share the commission because the other agency would have gladly stepped back due to my sister wanting that house seeing that it was a street away from us He then sent me his boss number and told me that if his being so dishonest to report him. This situation is very discomforting and unacceptable, he should have been upfront from the beginning and not been so sneaky in his behavior, I was not the only one that had picked this up and now because of this my sister doesn't get the house she so badly wanted.
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