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Employee and supervisor relations


I’ve been a customer for a long time in palestine tx at the cash America pawn shop. And recently (around 5 months or so) my then at the time fiancee (Tara)was offered a job there so she took it and through the past 5 months she’s been acting more and more out of character up till here recently when she became more involved with Shane her manager and only calling me to get money or have me pawn my property to help her out. So 2 nights ago I was asked to get a hotel room for her and her daughter and I was going to meet her at yall shop when she got off wellhead and Shane often end up staying slot longer in the evenings than her and others do so I’m waiting outside her job about 35 minutes after closing then recieve a text they are 100 dollars short and they are looking for it becuase its in cash it may take awhile I then knew something isn’t right so she makes it to the room and after telling me she has the next day off now its changed and she has to go to ennis to work that shop well the next day I called those 2 shops and neither one knew bout her or that situation and she said Shane was giving her money out of register for gas well when I came to pay on an item I had in the pawn shop Shane wasn’t there and I was told he was off then he was on lunch by two other associates so I waited for another 30 minutes and he never returned from lunch so I then text tara asking her to answer or reply and I knew she wasn’t at work nothing no response or anything then im told she is with Shane. SO THE PROPERTY IVE PAWNED AND GAVE HER MONEY FROM IS ONLY GOING TOWARDS HER AND SHANES DATES I GUESS. WELL YHAT SEEMS ALOT LIKE FRAUD OR A SCAM WHEN I END UP OUT OF PROPERTY AND HANDING THE MONEY OVER TO MY FIANCEE FOR HER AND SHANE ( BOTH PAWN SHOP EMPLOYEES OF YOURS) THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE RIGHT AND QUICKLY OR IM GOING TO BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU AND LOOK INTO SEEKING LEGAL ACTION ITS A CON. AND SHES BEEN STRIKING UP RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER CUSTOMERS AND FETTING PROPERTY LIKE DESKS AND OTHER PERSONAL FAVORS. SO ITS FAIRLY SAFE TO ASSUME ITS THE SAME WITH THEM.THANKS (EMPLOYEE NAME US TARA DEHTAN ) AND (MANAGER NAME IS SHANE ???)

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