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Craftsman 20v Powerwasher


Hello I purchased a craftsman powerwasher at Lowe's on Harrison avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio in June. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to use and unbox the powerwasher until Sept 15. It did not start after several attempts so I decided to invest in the lithium battery to start it as it has battery start capabilities. It still did not start after several attempts with battery so I returned to Lowe's in attempt to exchange for better unit. They refused since it was longer than the only 30 days allowed for return. I was also highly disappointed over-all after unboxing with quality of plastic components and the cheaply manufactured stock spray nozzle "hose and attachment". One of the plastic pieces actually cracked after putting wand back in on first attempt but decided to "make it work" until I discovered the unit would not actually start and was apparently defective. After discussing my lack of options with Lowes staff, I simply decided to leave the unit there at customer service area at my expense, then bought a Honda model on spot. I was able to return the craftsman battery and charger but not the actual powerwasher unit. Ill admit I was pissed so I just left it there at a 400 cash loss for me but the Honda started right up❤️ To me that was priceless and worth a 400 loss to learn the difference in quality. Good luck. I need nothing in return I'm just sharing my experience as a customer. Andrew Cape [protected]
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