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coughing for almost a year with no diagnosis


I just went to beaumont hospital emergency 1 hour ago for choking, the attending doctor said there was nothing she could do but give me a referral, (which I rejected) I told her I wanted to be admitted because of choking and chills, but she said she couldn’t admit me, the following is a letter I sent to you on march, 11, 2021, this will explain my ordeal;
I have been admitted to the troy beaumont hospital 4 times since april of 2020, almost a year, I do have medicaid, so I hope that don’t matter. I’m 62 years old and I had a sex change (male to female) surgery in 1994 (and regret it), a year ago I found a lump on my thyroid and had a biopsy last month, I have been going to a pulmontologist, lots of inhalers and told it’s either ashtma or broncitis, an allergist (no allergies), I even went to a endrocrinolgist. my primary doctor knows I’m congested, but I have been telling every doctor and nurse in the hospital about the lump on my thyroid, I feel like I’m being choked, coughing up thick sticky plegm, losing my voice, but they said it had nothing to do with my coughing & choking. I have to sleep sitting up in a chair. I’m not really complaining per say, I just need some relief, I’m asking for some help. I know that nodules on the thyroid can cause these kind of problems. my name is Jacqueline (please call me Jack) Compeau, my phone # is [protected]. that was the letter, you would think after a year I could at least get a diagnosis., Dr. Olchawa did contact me for a follow up appointment, but at the time I was feeling ok and told her nurse I could wait for my up coming appointment on april, 16, 2021, thank you very much, please help me if you can, Jack Compeau.

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