26 Apr, 2022 → by Da Fino
Website performance is unsatisfactory. Bad customer support

Horrible experience as a homeowner, I was about to post a listing. I spent so much time describing the home, checking amenities, accessibility , distance to shopping, I uploaded pictures, etc. Then I put in my credit information and paid to place the listing.I provided all of my homeownership information, provided my driver's license, paid with my credit card, etc., but could not "pass" their computer verification process. I have been unable to get a coherent answer as to what is wrong. I was referred to the staff I spoke with in an attempt to get an answer as to how I "failed", but I was never able to get an answer as to why I could not "pass" their "check." I was never given the phone number of someone who could explain to me what the problem was. This "company," the hours invested, the ultimate outcome, and the absence of a reasonable answer have all left me profoundly unhappy.This is not the way it is supposed to work!

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