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I am highly disappointed in the manner of which Streetlane Property Manager Amber Phillips have provided customer service since speaking with her a few weeks ago. She along with Satcha Whitfield misinformed myself and other residents of the house regarding a balance discrepancy. Amber Phillips called to verify that Satcha Whitfield had misinformed us on the accuracy of our balance in which Satcha Whitfield had told us it was incorrect. After explaining this to Amber, she agreed that we should not have to pay the late fees due to Whitfields mistake however, followed that sentence with, I will see what we can do about removing those late fees and Ill call you right back. THIS WAS 2 WEEKS AGO!!!! I then spoke to Dane Hoffman on yesterday who informed me that Amber herself is the one that would have to remove the late fees. After calling for the umteeth time, leaving more than 20 voicemails on multiple boxes, I finally was able to speak too a rep who emailed Amber on my behalf to have her call me and provided my cell phone number as I too received the email. Amber decided to avoid being told she was wrong, getting caught in a lie and having to fix her mistakes by emailing me stating the late fees could not be removed and she did this from an email at which I am blocked fRom responding too. Therefore, I HOPE YOU FIND THIS POST AS IT IS DIRECTED TO YOU AND YOU ALONE. I recommend this company to NOONE!!! AMBER herself is extremely unprofessional and unreliable when it comes to her personal knowledge of her own job duties. She allowed 2 weeks to go by as she was "trying to resolve the late fee issue" that she is responsible for fixing. And she wants us too to pay for those two weeks that she bs'd around and didn't call back. If anyone who can do anything about this situation or about Amber herself see's this post, Please Please Please give me a call as apparently Amber is not woman enough to admit the mistakes of herself and the people around her!!!!! However, I would like to Thank Dane Hoffman as he is the only one that took the time out to figure out who misinformed us and it never took him more than 24 hours to return a call when I called him directly! User's recommendation: DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!
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