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The company kept my deposit for no apparent reason


I have rented small houses through Streetlane Homes several times. At the same time, I have always been a good tenant - I paid rent on time and, of course, paid utility bills. Always did the cleaning before moving out. During my stay, I tried not to disturb the company, I did minor repairs myself, once even I managed to fix the washing machine. In general, it was difficult for me to make any claims. It so happened that one day I had to move out a little earlier without waiting for the agent. At the same time, as always, I left the perfect order and there was no damage in the house. But the company decided to keep my deposit! It just looks like some kind of fraud - embezzlement of the client's money for no apparent reason. A very dishonest practice, at the moment I'm thinking whether to sue them. In any case, I warn other potential clients not to do business with this company. Of course, you can take a chance - there is a chance that you will be lucky and everything will be fine, but if you are not lucky, you will lose a substantial amount of money.

I recommend the company to simply stop dishonest practices
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I had a similar situation with another lender... but I made pictures before leaving and also invited a familiar neighbor as a witness so that he could confirm that everything was in order and nothing was broken)) It may not be ideal from the point of view of lawyers but I managed to return the money in the end.
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