19 May, 2022 → by Jepiles
Still nothing, no money

I made a reservation with help of Snaptravel. The covid-19 brought us a lot of problems especially with traveling, that is why I wasn't able to travel abroad and use the hotel. I requested a snaptravel to ask the hotel for a refund. The company told me they did everything they could but the hotel denies to give me the refund. I couldn't understand the reason that's why I decided to check the information myself and to talk to the manager of the hotel directly. The manager told me that Snaptravel really did contact them and asked whether we moved to the room or not and asked for a refund. The hotel returned the money to the Snaptravel company. But they keep telling me that the hotel refuses to give money back. I have sent the proof to the company which included the words of manager hotel but they are ignoring me.

I don't recommend anyone to use the services.
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