5 Feb, 2023 → by Andrea
RUN!! These guys are thieves


I leased this home from Great Jones, another Roofstock company. They changed their name half way through the lease after they had fought me over having tree services for a tree that is very old, rotting and only 10 feet from the house. These slumlord, thieves have an "AS IS" policy that is causing their tenants to live in very dangerous situations and they don't care. That tree has threatened my life, my pets life, all my household possessions and my car for a year, and I am livid about it!! They have left me without heat in a 40 degree house for a week over Christmas, and then sent a service provider that behaved like a complete jerk in my home. There have been at least a dozen maintenance requests, and they have canceled nearly all of them, and did not even bother to contact me. I did not get the value out of this home, because they did not maintain the home for a healthy, safe environment. There is no outdoor water source, so the yard dies and becomes infested with mites, fleas, and ants. They told me that I would not be responsible for the dead lawn, and that was all they would do about it. I* could not even get pest control to be effective, and they did not care!!! I want some of the rent back for living in conditions that did not meet the agreed up standard of living. This house was infested with spiders. I paid hundreds of dollars to get the infestation taken care of. The yard was covered with years of leaves and debris when I moved in. THEY REFUSED TO TAKE CARE OF THE INITIAL LAWN CARE... That cost me hundreds. The seed and feed was wasted, because there is no WATER!!! There was no insulation in the attic and for months my heat and air was EXTREMELY HIGH... and that is a building code violation AND THERE IS ELECTRICAL BUILDING CODE VIOLATIONS THEY HAVE CANCELED THE MAINTENANCE REQUEST FOR! This house cannot be leased again until the owner is required to get it up to code!! AND I HAVE LIVED IN A DANGER I COULD NOT ESCAPE BECAUSE THEY BLEW UP MY BUDGET!!
I hope all these customers can find a way to file a class action lawsuit against you!
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