17 May, 2023 → by Q. Glenn
Not original bezel insert


About a year ago I bought a Rolex from ermitagejewelers.com. Was quite happy with the purchase. The price matched the offer, the Rolex works properly, no complaints. Yesterday I showed them to my friend, who is a good in watches. It turned out that the bezel insert is not original! The bezel itself is made by Rolex but the bezel insert is almost from Aliexpress or something..! I am extremely dissatisfied with this fact and also with the fact that the online store refuses to replace the bezel tab or change the watch itself to another similar model. It's just not serious. A lot of money was spent on the watch and now I have to look somewhere on ebay for the same or similar insert and spend some more ... So far I have not been able to find the same original.

Change my watch for another or find me a new bezel insert. Check your watches before selling it.
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