27 Apr, 2022 → by valkyrie
I tried some of their cosmetics, and it seems to be a scam..

I received two orders so far… And I tried shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner, and serum for my hair. But I never noticed any effect. Yes, I know that the products need some time to reach their potential. But I want to see at least some difference. I waited for about a month ― still, no effect.
Then, I made a quick search on the Web, and there are so many reviews about scam…
So, I decided to cancel my subscription. And that was really strange. I called Vegamours hotline and talked to their consultant, everything was OK, but, when she was about to confirm the cancellation, there was some noise, so I could not hear her and asked her to repeat, and there was the same noise again. So, I asked her to repeat once again, when she confirmed that my subscription was canceled, the connection was lost for good. That seems really suspicious. So, I believe it is a scam. Hope I will not be charged any more payments.

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