12 Jul, 2022 → by Jillibean524
Hautetrader is a scam. Hope Davenport is a theif!


BEWARE! Hope Noelle davenport is a theif! Hautetrader is a scam site! THEY STOLE MY $ AND DRESS! They STEAL YOUR INFO AND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND AS SOON AS YOU SEND YOUR EXPENSIVE ITEM THEY CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT! How many $25 or $50 dollar charges have you stolen from members? You barely have ANY ACTIVE MEMBERS AND ITS OBVIOUS WHY. IF YOU SEND YOUR AUTHENTIC ITEM TO THEM TO AUTHENTICATE FOR A TRADE. THEY STEAL IT, TELL U ITS FAKE AND KEEP YOUR $50 TRADE FEE! THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH THIS FOR FAR TOO LONG! THEY ARE CRIMINAL WOMEN! WATCH OUT FOR LATER CHARGES ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS ALSO. THEY WILL SLOWLY CHARGE IT HERE AND THERE. THEY ARE SCAMMERS! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! Tip for consumers: Beware! They suspend your account as soon as you pay and then ship an expensive item out. They have other members that have phony profiles and all your luxury items go straight to haute trader! Its a big SCAM!!!! Products used: I paid for a trade $25 on my credit card and then sent my item and as soon as I shipped. Mine was tracking, the other traders wasn't. HauteTrader suspended my account for UNKNOWN REASON! No explanation! I had only joined a few weeks prior and they were helpful up until I paid and shipped a very expensive dress to another trader on their platform. They froze my account so I have no way to reach out to the other member to tell her to ship my dress back.
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