20 Feb, 2023 → by Niallgeo
cover did not last. “warranty” was useless


This product was supposed to last 5 years but lasted less than 2. The purported "5 year warranty" is a sham. They charge $300 shipping for the replacement cover, plus they charge you a fair amount to make the new one, so to get it replaced under warranty would have ended up costing me just $3 less than what I paid for it in the first place! For a cover that may also only last me 2 years? I don't think so. I emailed and called their customer service (actually they have you call Prestige Spa Covers, the manufacturer, who are the providers of the so called "warranty"). Numerous emails and phone calls only succeeded in reducing the price by about an additional $40. Not worth it, and not what I expected when Wholesale Spa Covers promised a "5 year manufacturer warranty" in big writing on their sales page. I took extra good care of this cover -- left it open as they told me to when adding chemicals so it wouldn't get bleached by the vapors, cleaned the top so dirt wouldn't build up, didn't let anyone put weight on it -- all the things they told me to do so as not to void the warranty. At less than 2 years it is literally letting rainwater through like a sieve. After several days of heavy rain our tub was about 2 inches more full than it had been. At that point the cover was only about 21 months old. I had paid extra for the 6 inch foam, 2 lb foam upgrade, insulated hinges, and vapor-proof barrier seal. Although all that lasted only about 21 months, I got no recourse from either the retailer or the manufacturer. Extremely dissatisfied and will never buy a cover from wholesale spa covers or prestige spa covers again.
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