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I'm not one to leave reviews as I feel they can do irreprible damage to a business that may already be struggling but in this case I felt compelled to ensure that others are aware of what they are getting into with loan depot. First off, whether or not loan depot is going out of business that is no reason to set people up for utter failure. If you have ANY issues on your credit report, stear clear of loan depot. I met with them at a starbucks for "credit counsil" as they call it. I was given a six month plan on how exactly to improve my credit and get approved with them. At the end of that six months after my wife and I spent a lot of money following their plan to a T, we were given the cold shoulder. At the end of that six months, I found out that my credit report was ran without my consent a second time (first time, with consent, being prior to the six months) and I would have been ok with them running it the second time had I at least been given a notice of whether or not I was approved but after many phone calls and emails asking what was going on, I was finally told that they "could not help me at this time". Finally after weeks of attempting to make contact with them to get a better explanation (so that I would understand how to eventually get approved), they responded to an email I sent requesting a meeting in person. I was told that they didn't have time to meet with me and that if I kept writing emails to them that they would file a police report. At no time, did I ever make any threats or imply any malicious intent. I was respectful and corjal in every piece of correspondence with them. There is something very wrong going on with loan depot. I am not sure if the individual I was working with is to blame or the company's policies so I am reluctant to leave his name in this email. No reason was or has been given to me as to why they can no longer help me and they have made it abundantly clear that they do not have time for me. Not only have they wasted a great deal of my time, but they damaged my credit in the process by running my credit report a second time without my consent. Credit in which they claimed to be helping me improve. Be careful who you trust these days!!!
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