22 Apr, 2022 → by Gang
Be aware

I've been using Pretty Litter for over a year now. At best, the product is average. One packet lasts only a couple of weeks, which of course does not match the stated period of 1 month, despite following the instructions verbatim. The smell is unpleasant after 10 days, even though I add a new one. My last subscription should have been shipped a month ago. Another thing that is annoying is that this litter gets in EVERYTHING! It doesn't clump, so you are instructed to shovel out the solids and mix the liquid with the rest of the filler. My cat is spreading these little particles all over the house, I'm tired of cleaning up all the time, well, maybe there is a little positive, because I always know where my cat is, ha ha! I stopped using this litter, having another bag in stock. The other day I went back to my old litter that I waited almost a year for and I'm happy. In summary great concept and marketing, poor execution.

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