17 Feb, 2021 → by waside
Average service and average assortment

Average service and average assortmentNothing to say much about this online shop of accessories. They have pretty much the same stuff as in other shops. Their prices are at least lower, so they are most likely to hook the potential clients with them. Some items are presented in small quantities, so if you see that there is 1 necklace left — it is true, and you have to hurry up to catch it if you need it. Beyond that, you may see that they have limited choices of colors for gifts. What I love with them is the certificates. You may buy one for your friend or beloved one. The prices for certificates are also low. All the rest is average but I would still recommend it if you look for affordable rates.Average service and average assortment

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I bought in this store a couple of times... Certainly not the best of the best, but specific products were found :>
sandman | February 23, 2021 | Reply
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