15 Jun, 2021 → by Hugo Stirlitz
Always long lines to ATMs

It is a busy and popular place. And whenever I come in there are always long lines to ATMs. They have enough ATMs in fact, but there are a lot of customers too. I prefer to deal with all the transactions through ATMs. So at first I used to wait in lines for 10–15 minutes. But then I decided to try to go to a teller and it turned out that lines are much shorter and quicker there. There are usually just 1–2 people in a line. So now if I see that there are long lines to ATMs, I just turn to a teller. All of them are nice and helpful. And they work really fast. One more plus.

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They have problems with the application, for some reason it is not suitable for my phone. When I asked what to do, they offered to buy a new phone ((
woody firewood | June 22, 2021 | Reply
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