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Dear Alitalia, Let me share with you the nightmare we are experiencing because of your incompetency and lack of customer service. Here is our story: My mother’s connection flight in Rome was changed because the flight to the Newark airport was overbooked!!! So, you put her on a flight to JFK. She waited for 5 hours … and got on the plane. Great! When she arrived at JFK with 7 hours delay, her baggage was lost … Your JFK ground staff was very rude, didn’t give any details on the procedure, didn’t explain when we can expect more information on the Property Irregularity Report that we have filed … Nothing!!! They just gave us some papers to read and a white T-shirt … Thank you very much! Three days later, we haven’t heard from you! Nothing!!! I am desperately trying to reach your office through your phone number: 1 80* 905 9992. Nobody answers! I have left voice messages with my name, phone number and file reference … Nothing!!! I went to the Newark airport yesterday at 6 p.m. to try to talk to someone … your agent was not there! I have left a message for him/her with my file reference and my phone number … Nothing! I have also tried to check online the status of our claim … Nothing! The file number is not recognized by your system!!! My mother doesn’t have clothes, shoes, charger for her cell phone, camera, our gifts are lost … and we cannot even reach you and ask for the status of our claim?!!! Yours, Very unsatisfied and angry customer! Day 3: “I have called your customer number … guess what – NOTHING. They could not check my PIR number, they have a different system??!!, they gave me telephone numbers of Alitalia offices in Newark and JFK. The numbers are out of service. Are you for real???? I have never ever experienced such an outrageous service. Never!” Day 4: Still have not heard from Alitalia. The only reaction I got was on Alitalia Facebok page. For 2 days they have been checking our claim …

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