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15 Feb, 2021

StarHub Almoust good

I’ve been using this provider’s services for almost 2 years, and I must say that not always they were perfect. Sometimes I had some issues that were difficult to fix for several days. Also, my call quality was far from great because of bad coverage in some places. Must admit now that lots have changed for the… Read more➤

JS route poor service and vrk travel Very poor quality travel

I filed my complaint a week ago, but no answers! Although I bought the trip your route at no time did we inform you that we would travel with a negative feedback company travel... I called your route, sent a complaint and filled out a negative review vrk travel questionnaire, but so no one has contacted me! Therefore, here is a complaint about a tour of Krakow. 25.10-28.10. 1. Arriving at the hotel fero express late at night, we were tired after a long journey and went to bed. From the morning we understand that the room is not comfortable for two people. Sleeping was uncomfortable. The space in the little room was very poorly ventilated, the air temperature in the room was well above +25 floors. My mother had a very difficult asthma. Further checking in our rooms corresponds to a single! The contract mentioned accommodation in a double room! When the information group guide Alexei about this situation, he said that it was the responsibility of the office to deal with the complaint there. Although it is very uncomfortable to sleep, I ask if I can't get another number. He had a hard time explaining the situation in English to the hotel staff. So I did the same. As a result, the hotel is full and there are no rooms available.We were warned about the lack of staff in the hotel and that's why breakfast was so inadequate. Of the warm only two types of sausage and scrambled eggs. Maybe if a hotel can't provide the requirements that travelers need to choose another hotel! It doesn't have to be! 2. Second day tour of Krakow! With a local guide, no headphones were given so you could hear everything, and no city maps! Guide Elizabeth moved so fast that older people couldn't match! Some are left behind because they can't walk so fast physically! Half of the tour is not heard, but paid 10 dollars x2! Free time was spent quickly finding a place to have lunch and then wandering to find our way to the bus stop. There is not much time, because you have to drive to the boat. After a free time, the group's guide Alexei has already become intoxicated with alcohol! We are going to the old salt mines. Well, the whole group notices that the guide is under the influence of alcohol. He goes to buy tickets to show us where to shop. About 30 minutes free time to buy souvenirs! We return to the entrance to the salt mine, but we have not yet negotiated a guide to the salt beer. Let's start two other groups until we expect our own. Very annoying when we have a drunken guide who can't fix anything. And of course, the English language barrier makes it difficult for an intoxicated guide to express his or her needs. Expecting an accompanying salt mine guide is the complete opposite! We are soon received and go on an interesting excursion to the salt mines. 3. Excursion to the Jasna Monastery. To the question of why in the monastery are both men and women he did not know as well as a lot of other useful information. Said you can look on google and find. Handed out area maps from which we could not understand anything. He started the tour he led, for which we paid 10 dollars x2. Shows where there are amenities, shows where there is a "cheap" market outside the monastery, which is very wrong, because the faithful people are good at shopping in the monastery, and then show «If the grocery store in Çabka and the road to the holy black madonna picture and himself said walk the same way! It was a Sunday and there were a lot of people going to worship. It took only 30 minutes to line up the picture of the goddess. When we go out we don't even know which way to go!10 dollars x2 paid for the tour! About what? How did we walk it ourselves? When I returned, everyone noticed that the group leader Alexey was already noticeably intoxicated! On the way to Europe! From him we understand that lunch will be only in the role of a bistro. He didn't even mention to give something here if possible. So lunch at 5 pm thanks to the drivers of Gatis, who arranged a small stop while Alexei got drunk in bed. We are very dissatisfied with the tour as a whole. Guide services in American were also only partial. He has no idea what he was saying. Watching a lot of movies nothing much about Poland it did not exist. And back on the road put a heavy movie "hard nut" to sleep was not possible, but needed in the next day to work. What you can pay for is a tour of the salt mines and a transfer to the brewery. We are very late for the rest. The contract for accommodation in a hotel has not been fulfilled. Very unpleasant experiences and memories will be on this trip. We are very dissatisfied. I would like compensation for the unpleasant experience and for the points not fulfilled in the contract. As a service provider, you have not fulfilled the offers mentioned in the contract. And the guide repeatedly is under the influence of alcohol, because this is not the first complaint about his alcohol use! I enclose in the appendix: the hotel room with the temperature display video with the drunken guide Alexei Jasna Gura monastery tour card I really hope to receive any compensation. Because such quality services do not have to pay consumers. Thanks! Sincerely, laura

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