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The Procter and Gamble Company
1 Procter and Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
United States
Phone: (888) 474-7765

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Complaints & Reviews — Procter And Gamble

No answer. I was trying to call because I used to get a book of coupons by mail but for the last 2 month I have not received them .

Puffs Plus Pack of 4 had unglued sides. What a disaster. Glad I had Scotch Tape. All four boxes were coming apart at the sides. User’s recommendation: Don’t buy 4 Packs of Puffs Plus.

Took the 4 packages of Puffs Plys Lotion tissue out if the package. None if the boxes were glued. All the sides popped open once removed from protective plastic packaging. Seriously. Glad I have Scotch tape. User’s recommendation: Dont buy 4 packs of Puffs Plus.

I opened a brand new box of Me. Clean MagicEraser, for bathtubs. The box clearly labeled 4 pads. There were only three in the box. Whats up with that?

Pod encasings do not dissolve properly creating pieces of plastic throughout the dishwasher. This will potentially clog up the water spray holes and clog up the drain hoses. It could ruin a dishwasher. I’ve been using pods for over 20 years and this is the first time this occurred. A neighbor had the same issue. User’s recommendation:… Read more➤

I was highly offended by your commercial promoting black people. Im a White woman and I take all people at face value. You can be a White idiot or you can be a black idiot. Color doesnt matter to me. I have been a longtime customer of P&;;;;;;G products but I will not be DICTATED to in… Read more➤

The 9 Elements product advertised that it would make your black clothes look blacker by using this to detoxify your clothes. What it actually did was fade the black and blue clothes and made them look old. User’s recommendation: Expensive detergent with false claim of making clothes look better.

I asked for A product I can no longer find. I was given A link that asked for my credit card info. How does that help me?? I am not given cc info just to find and answer . User’s recommendation: run.

After over 50 years of being a P&;;;;;;;G customer, I will NEVER buy another thing they make, until they REVERSE COURSE and end their DUMB, DUMB, DUMB “partnership” with the mindless Millennials, Harry and Megan, aka “the Harkles.” A Press Release with “wokery”…

Purchased Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Left a terrible STENCH in washer and laundry area lingered several days. Used plenty of Tide detergent, water, and electricity on empty loads to get the overwhelming odor out. Buying vinegar after several washes got the STINK out. P&;;;;;;;;;;;;G has very poor customer relations. Keep getting the runaround. Offered PETTY coupons. This… Read more➤

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