Mylos Holiday Apartments

Mylos Holiday Apartments

Maroubra Street
Alexandra Headland

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Complaints & Reviews — Mylos Holiday Apartments

The apartment is located in a very convenient area, but this is probably its only advantage. The renovation was a lot of years ago, the view from the windows is not the best, the apartment has a minimum of utensils (several plates, cups, not very clean glasses, a limited number of cutlery), so I couldn’t prepare some… Read more➤

We’ve been several times in this apartment and noticed that the service is deteriorating. Some months ago, upon arrival at the apartment, there were always compliments from the owners, they helped us solve some simply problems. Now, if we need to ask a question, we’ve to call the owner 3–4 times and more. The apartment has dishes,… Read more➤

Human Scam

Hello! In March I returned to repair my car Audi A6. Small service. Owner Ronald lifted my car on the lift to inspect the rolling parts and understand what details need to be changed. This fraudster Ronald looked at my car and started Beautifully telling me what details needed to be changed. The brake discs with brake pads must be replaced, the front front shock absorber bearing in a complete set must be replaced, the gearbox seal must be changed during communication, the engine head gasket must be replaced due to oil. I asked how much this pleasure would cost me. This beautifully speaking spokesman gave me an amount of 850 dollars for the work and details. I ask if the details will be of good quality, then this scammer with very clever talk and manipulation handed me, that you can not worry about all the details are of good quality. I ask how long it will take to prepare everything. This speaker said in a beautiful speech that he would fix everything in four days. I agreed to repair my car. Four days have passed since I waited for a call from this fraudster, but did not. I started calling Ronald himself, the phone didn't ring for several days. Being very angry about such a critical attitude I went to this service. I met their scammer and asked why he didn't answer the phone. Ronald, this rogue scammer, began to apologize and bend over, saying that I had not called him. I realized that there is a rendezvous here. Request to return my repaired car. This shelf, with this kind of attitude, informs me that your car is not ready because you could not get any details. Lie 100 percent of my emotions Hit a high wave! Four weeks passed instead of four days. Arriving behind his car, this scammer started talking beautifully again. I realized that there is no longer anything to talk to this scammer asking where have the parts replaced from my car. Ronalds said he threw the field. I will pay the full amount of money spoken. I tried to beat the price, but this fraudster did not agree. I took my car and drove away in a bad mood. The next day started my car something rattle to work on the running gear. I went to another service where my car picked up again and started watching the running gear. The details of the teller have been changed. To what the master told me that nothing has changed here. I was shocked by the services of the fraudster Ronald! I do not recommend anyone to meet this fraudster, spokesman Ronaldo!

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