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I lost 6500 points because your people can’t seem to ship out a reward that I redeemed points for. Why can’t the points be added back? Why can’t you just ship something else of equal value or zippo lighter etc etc. This has been going on since July. See pic attached. My email is [protected] I expect… Read more➤

9 Sep, 2021

Marlboro Marlboro 100’s

Stores are not giving carton discounts. Should also include a senior discount. This happens in every store, everyday. I have complained before and Marlboro was going to send me coupons…AND I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING. To have been a customer for over 50 years I am seriously disappointed. You want more words to get your attention. I think… Read more➤

Wrong stamp per flavor on pack. I bought Marlboro gold label,but the cigarettes are marked with the black top label. I bought a pack of Marlboro blacks,but they are stamped Marlboro lights. What’s going on yall? We pay higher prices to get what we want.

U guys said the card was used and I told u guys whear I live to send it for me to sign for it so I’m scrude out of$85.00dollars I’m on social security I told you guys my mailbox mail gets stolen from most of the time do I need to get a lawyer I no it’s… Read more➤

I went to the speedway on merchant street in Florence Ky 41042 to buy cigarettes on there two pack special, as I have for years. The employee told me she wouldnt do it because she had a line. We told her we would wait until the line was gone. She was very rude and said she wouldnt… Read more➤

I received the code SUSQ-B9901CEa to purchase the monogrammed stem less wine glass with the initials WW on it, but the link sent to me in my email DOES NOT WORK, I have been trying all day to claim my prize. User’s recommendation: make sure you can claim your reward.

2 Aug, 2021

Marlboro Marlboro Blue Ice

Good afternoon I have been smoking Marlboro Blue Ice for years now and love it. But I’m sad to say the quality of the tobacco is now making me re think the product. 4 cartoons + a month is a high investment if you constantly burn or your clothes or the couch! Have a look at some… Read more➤

Update by user Jul 09, 2021 This has been resolved and I will remain a Marlboro customer! Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2021 Had purchased a carton of that were very stale and definitely did not taste like a cigarette. The woman from customer service was very helpful and friendly. She made sure the situation… Read more➤

I’m not judging or placing the blame on Marlboro but one of 2 things has happened to the carton either while being made , if it’s possible got to hot because the paper appears burnt but I’m not judging cause I don’t make em I smoke em, or they could got wet , we did…

25 Jun, 2021

Marlboro Marlboro gold

I keep finding massive bits of wood in my cigarettes. I have taken pictures and still have them. They take up almost an entire cigarette sometimes. This is not good. It also can cause the head of the cig to deform and push out sideways when burning. Dangerous to flammable things near you. Can I speak to… Read more➤

does not work for good

So now I have had another phone number for 3 years. In order not to be mistaken on the ScandiBank website and to make sure everything goes, then I went to the branch to change my number there to make all the settings I want. Thought - done. Do everything I can. Okay, 1. I can't check the account balance with sms, although please set it up 2. I didn't receive a sms on incoming transactions, even though 3. With my number ScandiBank page I can not handle, how to understand? Okay, I go to my ScandiBank page to install everything myself, but you can't see, because everything is "connected", the number is already registered.But for me, nothing of it doesn't work. So, as I really need it all, I go back to the branch where I am told that the problems should not be that they are shown that the number is registered and that everything should work. Okay, I show you by sms that I can't check the account balance, I just get the sms that my account doesn't exist, which I'm at all confused about! But the woman also can't help because you see her showing that everything is ok but my sms that I show to her is indifferent.. And best of all, now that I want another bank to transfer a larger amount, then I need a code to do so, but I can not get it to my number. I understand the new ScandiBank order, etc., but what do I get started?! No one ScandiBank wants to help, so it feels like a bunch of durak is working there. It is very annoying that no one is dealing with the situation after all my agreements. I have already considered the idea of ​​changing the bank, because I really can't act in this.. I have been fighting for 3 years, you know, the measure of patience is full and one customer less..

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