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J&T Express

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19th Floor, Mercu 3, KL Eco City, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum
Kuala Lumpur

Phone number: 1300 809 000
Web: https://www.jtexpress.my

Category: Movement and Delivery

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1300 809 000 (Malaysia) 1900 1088 (Vietnam)
+60 392 129 660 (Malaysia) +62 218 066 1888 (Indonesia) +63 289 111 888 (Philippines)
19th Floor, Mercu 3, KL Eco City, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum
Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia – 59200

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Complaints & Reviews — J&T Express

My parcel with tracking number “[protected]” was been wrongly sent to wrong address and the person in charge also never call for the dispatch center for the wrong receiving. My receiver address stated to “No44, Jalan-3, Taman Bukit Berlian, 70200 Seremban, NSDK. While from the online proof, it was been sent to the address at Mantin Area... Read more➤
21 Sep, 2021

Parcel Out Delivery

Please la improve sistem korang. Parcel Delivery 19 Sep… sampai sekarang tak hantar sudah dua hari nak tunggu parcel out of delivery. Delivery ke dubai ke? Dubai pun sudah sampai la aduhai🤦‍♀️ Kalau tak sempat hantar… kena la update reason apasal. Owner parcel tunggu sampai takut hilang parcel la 🤦‍♀️ Duit beli tau bukan jatuh daripada langit... Read more➤
19 Sep 21 JNT JURU CONTACT NO : [protected] 1.4.02 mnit bru update parcel out 2.4.26 call dah smpai rumah, time tu sy tkde kat rumah sbb pegi dobi ingat sempat balik dlm 30 mnit tu. then keep rider push sruh cepat ambil barang 3. ok brg dapat kt tgn pkul 5. tp update sistem pkul 7.02... Read more➤
17 Sep, 2021

Parcel tidak diterima.

Hai saya nak complaint sebab parcel saya masih tak sampai ..Tiada pergerakan bermula dari 7hb sehingga hari ini..saya sudah call sebanyak 3 kali..Tujuan saya file complaint ni adalh untuk menuntut ganti rugi..Terima kasih.. No parcel : [protected] Order pada : 6/9/2021 Last Pergerakan parcel : 7/9/2021 Call customer service : 13/9/21, 15/9/21 & 18/9/2021.. Parcel : Barang... Read more➤
17 Sep, 2021

Delivery reschedule

The courier staff refused to reschedule the delivery to me – even when it was offered as an option. Been calling the office but no one picked up, emailed them as well, live chat with no one replying. What’s worse is that they confirmed the status of the delivery as “delivered” when it clearly hasn’t been delivered.... Read more➤

Unhygienic food

On 5th of August 2016 myself and my friend went to Pakistan kebab (merkala branch) for eating kebab, while eating we found big worms in kebab, when i talked with farman (owner of kebab) they don't care about anything with this matter.. He told me that he can give me another kebab for free.. it's not about free kebab it's about our health.. We don't want to eat this kind of unhygienic food, which will harm our health and I don't think these worms are good for health... and I shared these tings in social media Now this kabab owner threatening us for making this video.. He said he will make problems for us. Kindly take some necessary action against him. thank you.


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