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I ordered 4 identical goods from them. That was almost a month ago. 2 weeks passed and I received 2 items only. I called them and they explained that the order was divided into 2 packages and the second one would arrive in a couple of days. 10 days have passed since then. I am still waiting… Read more➤

Missing service

02. 08. 2020. in the afternoon I found icy water flowing through the hot tap. 08/03/2020 at 08:13 I called their phone. Said that in some hundred where there was an accident in the apartment. It's not at all in my stairwell, and in the event of an emergency, the water is shut off altogether instead of making it cold. I ask when there will be warm water. It was said that handing over the info to a supervisor and calling back the same day. Around 4:30 pm, without waiting for a call, I called them myself. Needless to say, the cameraman was not aware of my morning call and had the whole story to start all over again. Now I have already mentioned other apartments (that there was an accident), I asked again why then due to the accident the water has not been turned off completely, but only the heat has been cut off. There were no answers. I tried to ask why I didn't get the promised callback either,the operator dropped the handset. After six attempts to call this office again, another operator finally answered the call. Constantly interrupted me half-heartedly, said that the application was accepted and everything. When I asked when the hot water would be, she said that in the absence of such information, the application was accepted, she had four more calls waiting in line and dropped the handset. Another incident was in June, when similarly - there was no hot water (there was no hot water at the time). Again, in some other stairwell, someone had an accident. I asked when the problem would be solved and when you could expect warm water, again - without knowing anything, call back. Of course, did not call back. When I called again, I didn't know anything again. Said that the plumber will be able to come to me only after two days. I explained that I don't need a plumber, because my only problem is that there is no hot water, but not in my apartment. Nothing was commented on and told again about the plumber. After a couple of days when I wasn't home, a foreign language calls and says that he came to me because I have problems with hot water. I thank everything I think about the cantor and Slavic beauty who could not comprehend the information provided by me and the plumbers are not driving there,where needed. I am afraid to imagine what will happen at the beginning of the heating season: this office has, first of all, read operators who have serious problems with the state language (I conclude not only from the accent, but also from not perceiving the information they are given or asked). Second, operators interrupt customers' half-heartedness with any minor problems. Even after the reprimand is allowed to finish, the interruption in the half-word is continued. Third, if the operator does not answer the question, the operator hangs up by hanging up. Fourthly, they have no information at all as to why there is a problem somewhere. There is always just some kind of "accident". Not surprisingly, my calls were also recorded as an accident. Because I somehow do not believe that if in the morning there was an accident in the 117th apartment "fault", but already in the afternoon another 70, 115 and something else. The others were the same callers as me, who informed me that there was no hot water. Fifth, no feedback is provided; even when specifically requested.

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