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Complaints & Reviews — Google

Frack your company for removing the voting app in Tussia. Glad to see where you take priorities. Will be removing all accounts and dropping all google affilliated programs. Google and Apple will learn what happens when Americans hold them accountable for actions overseas. Frack Google CEO. May they get fleas of a thousand camels in their armpits… Read more➤

17 Sep, 2021

Google Google Play

When I try to download a free game, all I get is Pending. It has been this way for several weeks now and I would like to know what the problem is? If I owe money or something, let me know. Also, it really rubs me the wrong way when you say you are there to Help… Read more➤

” An Unauthorized Purchase for $431.99 was made on Aug. 26th, 2021 Through my wife’s debit card and It took every penny she had. I put in 3 or more complaints to google and supposedly they found nothing. Funny though since 2015 no purchase made through the play store ever exceeded $25.00. I did not Authorize anything… Read more➤

15 Sep, 2021

Google Nest Thermostate

Dear Sir: I have been using Nest thermostat for over two years. I had no problem. I used an Nest App to control settings from my cell phone. However, the Nest app on my cell phone stopped working. I thought something went wrong with the App. After learning from the Internet that Googe has acquired Nest. I… Read more➤

I received a $97.41 charge on 9/14/21 . I am including a screenshot of charge. There is no number to call and have no idea where this came from. I googled what was on the charge and came to this website. Havee no idea what this is or why I am being charged. I made no google… Read more➤

I checked my credit card 9/14/21. I noted a charge made on 9/13/21 for $64.56 made by Google Services on 9/13/21. I did not charge anything to google, never have. There is no telephone number listed to contact Google listed on the charge. Please remove this charge from my credit card or I will be filing a… Read more➤

I have an old LG Tracfone which I like because it’s same and easy to carry. It’s been obsoleted, but I only use my phone for texting, contacts, notes, some pics, and 911. About a year ago I accedentially touched an update and Google came in and over wrote all my apps taking away the navigational app… Read more➤

12 Sep, 2021

Google Google yalla tech

[protected] over 25 charges to this total over $200.00 stolen from my debit card. I have filed a complaint with my debit card company and contested all charges. Can’t. c9mplain to Yalla Tech. I can’t read Arabic. how many times do you people have to see that someone either within Google is doing this or up your… Read more➤

12 Sep, 2021

Google Googles infrastructure

My devices have been hacked and taken control of by a man named Robert Saunders. He owns a company called Verifaction and has harassed me for years. He exploits googles infrastructure to obfuscate his hacking of my devices. He is also a dangerous man and has no boundaries in what he is willing to do to people…. Read more➤

10 Sep, 2021

Google Rita Neman complaint

Rita Neman took $1.07 out of my bank account on Aug. 16 and then $422.16 from my account Sept. 6. I was trying to call Google but never got a response. I read all the other complaints and want to get my money back. This is hard on me as I am a senior, disabled and need… Read more➤

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