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Complaints & Reviews — Glade

I purchased 7 room deodorizer from April thru June 2021 that has a malfunctioning defect, and I am asking Glade to replace the products immediately if possible I am a long time customer with Glade and its products. User’s recommendation: I strongly support Glade past present and future.

I am not happy, I spend so much money wondering why cant you smell them. I thought maybe it was because I needed more in my home well I was wrong, you cant smell them. They go away too fast meaning u have to replace them with 5 days . Seriously, I keep replacing them every five… Read more➤

The plug in must have leaked, and the liquid inside literally has eaten *** in my vinyl planking floor. This will cost me to replace the section. I’m very upset and question that something I have to breathe in causes a severe chemical burn. I have photos and will send when I’ve been contacted.

I plugged in a new warmer under kitchen cabinet as always. Never had a problem with original warmers but this time the warmer blistered the paint off of the bottom of the cabinet

I bought three refreshers they worked for approx 2 months now they are not releasing the oil can you replace them? Thank You I work hard for me my money and I dont have money to waste Im on a tight budget Im highly frustrated THANK YOU!!!!!

3 Jun, 2021

Glade Oil plung ins

I bought 4 packs of the Glad Warm Flannle Embrace refills and they barley had any oil in them i went to bavk walmart they said contact glad ao i am i am mot happy about it

12 Apr, 2021

Glade Smoke from plug in

Is the glade plug in supposed to emit smoke?? There is quite a bit of smoke coming from my plug in..

31 Mar, 2021

Glade Faulty sprayer

I bought 2 bottles and both just had a liquid spray that went on the furniture, floors and literally ran down my arm…. This happened a few months ago as well but I never complaint as I don’t use any other brand Thank you

9 Mar, 2021

Glade Cling Wrap !!

My Problem Is Very Simple Your Cling Wrap Is Driving Me Nuts, Trying To Unroll It From The Box!!!!! I’ve Never Had Any Problems Before But This Box Is Ridiculous.!!!!!!!!!!!! My Wife And I Have Both Tried It Several Times. But To No Avail. Anyway Just Letting You Know Thanks For Your Time.. One Pissed Off Customer….. Read more➤

12 Feb, 2021


I use PRESSNSEAL everyday. I am ready to scream every time I try and cut the sheet. It is endless frustration. I have been using scissors instead of the box cutter. Please work with your development department to fix this problem. I dont want to have to stop using your product. Thank you.


22. In July, I was in the post tonight to receive my parcels. I was served by a postal worker at the window, I showed both the package numbers and the id card, I removed the sunglasses, which are bright for me, because when she could not see me, I did everything she asked. Then a colleague sitting next to me and another postal worker with short hair ran up and started attacking me in public. There was another well-known Hobart resident in the post office who heard it all. To serve at the post office, there are buttons that everyone has to push, but there are no disinfectants. Then I have to press the next buttons again when I receive the package, there are no disinfectants either! When I asked why they weren't, I laughed rudely in my face, I didn't need them, because I had gloves in my hand! That's right, I drag them into the post office,because disinfection is not taken care of there. I may not come to the mail and not order packages! I had never heard such rudeness, everyone knows that they are always there. I didn't know that I no longer needed a job at the post office, really now the post office forbids sending parcels? Don't its employees allow too much? Also announcing that the coward is over on June 10! Then the next time I go to the mail with the police or a lawyer to get my packets, for which I pay money, not those employees who are allowed to behave worse than in the market square! Please remove this permission as a matter of urgency!

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