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Gabriella’s House of Beauty Ltd
2861 Sherwood Heights Dr., Unit 30 Side Doors Oakville Ontario Canada - L6J7K1
Phone: 18004639942

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This program IS NOT ACCREDITED! I was told on my tour that my money would cover EVERYTHING I would need for the entire duration of the program. While it did include a kit. I was still forced to buy additional training supplies on a weekly basis… Gabriella Pennacchietti-Serpan is dreadfully incompetent and full of herself! I cannot… Read more➤

Ahh, total anger came

Good evening... Someone's good. Stacked stacked, then now explode. Just (March 26, 2020, at 18:10) I visited the Oporto, which is located in Melbourne, Shopping Mall "Origo". This is the nth time I have had to deal with this. It happens not only in this Oporto restaurant, but also in other... But this restaurant stands out the most of all. 1. ) Serving as snails that still have memory loss. I understand that customers come all the time, need to be served quickly, and so on. For example, I got in there before my train. I had 15min time... I showed the code in the application at the checkout. Although I entered everything I want in the application, when I want how I want, and ticked what I don't want, I was asked everything in my mind. That's right. Followed by next. I stand waiting for my tortilla set. After me serve a couple. They put everything on a tray, everything at once, while I stand and wait for 10 minutes. Maybe someone thinks, '' oh god, who couldn't you wait? "No, I couldn't, after 5min the train. I have to run already. I see that my tortilla is ready, already on the metal grid, where everything is ready. But no. I have to stand and wait while serving more people. Although she could immediately prepare me give and I walk away. When the couple was served, she finally remembered me. But with a glance she served me and everyone else... 2. ) secondly. As I mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, terrible attitude. I had the feeling that I was guilty of her being in a bad mood. Everything was done with such a disgusting attitude. The australians have a good saying: "Cherish unichach!". That's what it looked like. 3. ) well, and thirdly - memory loss. This point also applies to other Australian Oporto restaurants... Not included in the set until the next ingredients, accessories. When I got my kit I quickly went to the train because I had a few minutes left. On the way I look at the bag and there is a lack of sauce... Okay, as if a trifle, but this, tc "origo" is not the first time. I went back, I didn't keep quiet, as Australians usually like to do, I told the same girl (unfortunately I don't remember the name of the heroine, I just noticed that there was long hair in the tail and then braided in the braid, and eyebrows painted like lego cubes) that the sauce is missing. Gave. And again, with such disgusting intonation, the "anointing" of the eyes, I asked which sauce I had. Ahh, total anger came. I grabbed the sauce, "flew" away to my train, which it was already delaying. Somehow I looked in the bag again... Yeah, again I'm going to have to eat a salad with an old credit card if? I no longer had time to run back and forth. Everything. I left. My wish to you, the young people / people working in Oporto, the girls and the boys. If you have such a great dislike for your work, for such a disgusting attitude towards people, then please do not work there. Do not spoil the after-hours of others. Thanks for reading, Oporto! Please correct!

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