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Complaints & Reviews — Fox Business Network

It is refreshing to see David Asman host the 12 pm to 2 pm Fox Business segment; I don’t have to turn the TV off for 2 hours, or, at best, put it on mute and just watch the ticket tape. In my opinion, the regular host might be better suited for a behind the scene administrative… Read more➤

6/3/2021. Dear Mr. Kudlow, For several days, and today again at 4:28 PM, Eastern time, your commercial break again showed a very offensive commercial. It shows a lower class Negro male, in his 20’s, driving a blue convertible with a hood ornament similar to that used by Jaguar. The accompanying gestures of the male, and the music… Read more➤

MAKING ALMOST HALF THE ITEMS UNREADABLE. Save your swirligigs for pix of people or places, NOT for text or numbers. Sheesh! User’s recommendation: Grouse when they messup. Fox and Newsmax are all WE have left. We need them to be accurate.

Although this doesn’t directly affect me, it does affect my children and anyone else wanting to purchase their first, or subsequent home. Prices up some 12%. But get this. In my area of Missouri; There was, just purchased here, a 20 yr old existing home, 4 BR., 4BTH., 3,900 Sq. Ft. home for $250,000.00, Now, in contrast,… Read more➤

I have watched Fox Business with Stuart Varney for many years. I am deeply concerned with the left leaning FOX since the November election and in particular with a young woman on Varney that constantly interrupts Varney and injects her left leaning opinions. I am done watching this program until FOX instructs her to stop interrupting and… Read more➤

I am sick to death listening to Susan constantly demean and put Stuart down and all the giggling. He’s always a perfect gentleman and today was the straw that broke the camel’s back! i wish you’d replace her w/someone who is respectful. I miss all the others you’ve had, i.e. Charles, Elizabeth, etc. I’m sick of it… Read more➤

You keep talking about the crisis at the border. You report on it in detail, on and on. You show them crossing the border and many of them are wearing Biden T Shirts. You unfortunately dont connect the dots on why Biden is opening the border and why Pelosi is pushing…

Everyone is being switched to electric cars and large brands (GM &;;;;;;; Ford) are switching over to electric. No one talks about the performance of electric cars in cold weather and high heat (especially if you believe in climate change being man made). Electric cars loose 40% of battery life in cold weather with vehicle heat on… Read more➤

I have been a long time viewer of FOX—however in my opinion the entire network is going downhill. My reason for viewing less is because I would like to see more of the news happenings around the world. I actually don’t care for all of the opinions at all and further…

You removed Lou Dobbs because he told the truth and stood up for President Trump. We looked so forward to listen to him. Every time someone has the guts to speak out and speak their mind they get cancelled. Where is the 1st amendment? You caved to the few with big…

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