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1229 SE Stephens St
United States

Phone number: 1 800 888 6597
Web: http://www.creditservicescso.com

Category: Scam and Fake Checks

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1 800 888 6597
1 541 673 6661
1229 SE Stephens St
Roseburg , Oregon
United States – 97470
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Complaints & Reviews — CSO Financial

I had a lot of problems with my computer and I decided to contact the company CSO Technical Support. They promised to provide all necessary services and charged me for $180. I waited couple of days, but no one came and they never provided the requested services. I called them again, and the agent promised to call... Read more➤
1 Jan, 2018

Charity Scam

Walk in and check it out. You will see a fake Charity call center. They have many Paid employees on the phones repeating soliciations for donations. It is designed to be noisy so as to facilitate the fraud. What they have succeded in doing is providing themselfs with employment. A pay check every month. I recommend that... Read more➤

Refuses to accept responsibility under PTAL

07.12.2019. I purchased a battery START 110 AH. The AKB was used inside the Volvo v70 2nd generation 2.4D5 engine. Result-served 5 months. At first I thought the fault was in the car, transporting it to the car's electricity and checking the car's meter for current leakage, as well as checking how much was issued by the generator, but the problem was found. and that the battery will not run for a while. On May 20, with an application to the depot store with an agreement to return in place such a passport battery only aisle, but they refused. The money will also refuse to return. He said that he would have to wait for the service conclusion of Latakko Ltd. The masters who work in the depot warranty department both immediately replied that the gutter would never return anything but 99% that by refusing the warranty. I told them I didn't care because you depot me to sell them and I hold you accountable for what you sell in the store! They refused to say they had a problem. As far as the battery was depleted then would have to buy another place to move somewhere. Because the school was on hand start batteries are reluctantly thinking to buy a Deta battery, the sole distributor of the same infamous gutter! Call them and ask so the car course would be suitable for the battery. They answered that out of 84ah and larger fits my car. I asked how then to check the battery condition? they said that connecting the tester to the battery should result in a minimum of 12.5v if there is less battery being dead. The school handed me a depot and went to the stand at the batteries. I reached for the parts, put the 3 pieces on the cart and drove to the service at the depot masters to check.. And I was shocked that no battery was even close to 12.5v but 12.2 v 11.8v and so on. This meant that the depot sells old used batteries that no one charges and to buy this battery there is no way to buy. As well as the manager of this store is a categorical ptal offender because they do not agree with customers at all. I have been waiting for two weeks and I will have to call the depot myself. Answered me that not knowing when there will be a battery with a switch from the gutter back. Takka 15 working days had passed since the walkers had to work. I left the house and in the evening I called the manager of the depot that I was supposed to bring the battery.. The next day I went to the depot to serve him, but my battery was not there. My shaft instead of an 84ah small battery with my documents attached. The opinion is as follows: do not select the appropriate battery because the 84ah is not enough. Logically I told them and pointed to the check where it mentions 110AH battery capacity. The depot master admitted that this is not my battery. Gone are the days and no answers again from the depot.. Call and ask where my item is. Alas.. he's been around for a long time.. I asked-could not call if that brings the battery? He told me that he met me. Okay, I arrived on the same day after the battery and jumped for the opinion. Ha. A now opinion of course is also different.. damage will result from its unsafe use.. wtfak.. how can you use an unruly battery? Calling the gutter and claiming which wizard drafted this act? I was given the draftsman's number called Ingen. Call it Ingena and ask who and why? He started to stutter and asked where I got his number and that he would be a gutter employee. I asked him-if the drafters were responsible then aren't they? He agreed. The conversation lasted a few minutes and nothing really logical without explaining he dropped the handset. As a result, I will consider the CRPC with an application so that they can finish, if not then the work will be in court. I will not be the one who will turn and do not fight for myself and my righteousness. As far as the depot is so friendly then they now have to pay an administrative penalty, I will be reimbursed for all the losses and finally taught from their mistakes! I do not recommend the depot to buy anything serious — there will be no warranty if there is a warranty case.

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