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I got a wrong piercing and when I went to the store to correct it they refused to do so. Then I asked them to call manager they said we have no manager here. So, I decided to complaint so that other customers did not face these issues.

I simply would like to rectify the acceptance letter errors I received an acceptance letter on the 16th the acceptance letter itself tells you not to reply but when you click on the link it asked you to accept I accepted then it shows an error message with an…

Recently pierced daughter’s ears. Hearing ball went half way through the whole and is stuck there. It wouldn’t move either direction to get out. Claire’s store manager wouldn’t even talk to us or look my daughter ear. She said it is not their problem I have to take to the ED.evenn

Went in she said they were closed .asked what time they closed.she said I already closed out the register I said I didnt ask you that .I asked what time you close. She said she didnt know. WTF? This was friday at 720 PM in pismo beach Ca on friday. Soooooo employees can close the store whenever… Read more➤

1 Dec, 2020

Claires Put wrong address

I put the wrong address and Im trying to see how can I change it

sent goods, they were damaged so I reurned them, after not hearing from them I opened a dispute with paypal, this was after being told I would refund in 4 days, they then said I had to cancel the dispute which I did but they have still not refunded money or replied to my emails and I… Read more➤

8 Oct, 2020

Claires Public humiliation

I witness an employee from claires in wrentham was fired in front of many customers . To top it off the manager or whomever she was laughed like it was a joke what poor customer service she had . She was so focus of firing a employee that by the way i think she was pregnant ,… Read more➤

16 Sep, 2020

Claires Botched ear piercing

Update by user Oct 16, 2020 I received a reimbursement check for $75.95 for they didn’t cover the other 10 dollars for the earrings I purchased. I brought my daughter to a dermatologist 1 month later for a purple dot remains at the piercing site. The Doctor stated she felt it might be scar tissue…

My Granddaughter got her ear pierced in your East Kilbride store at the cost of £25 the earrings sold to her were so small they not only caused her days of pain and today they fell through the large hole and got stuck inside her ear. When we took her to the store she was told she… Read more➤

23 Jun, 2020

Claires Bad piercing

I really dont recommend going to Claires to get a piercing done. I went to get my second lobe piercings. Not only did they turn out completely uneven, but the one was at such a bad angle that even after letting it heal, it bled every time I took it out to change the jewelry. I ended… Read more➤

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