China Southern Airlines Company

China Southern Airlines Company

China Southern Airlines Company Ltd
Baiyun District, Guangdong Province
Phone: 95539
Category: Airlines & Aviation

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I booked plane tickets online. I do not know what else to call this case, but by all indications it was a real theft! Tickets sent to me by email were for the wrong dates – another month! It turns… Read more➤

For complaints within a multi-unit residence (class 2), Fair Trading will likewise require information about the contractor, designer, certifier and strata managing agent. Except where otherwise noted, material on this website is licensed under an Innovative Commons Attribution 4. 0 International License. To see a copy of this licence, see: https://creativecommons.

Prior to filing your complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), first identify if the topic of your problem is under TDLR's jurisdiction. The primary distinctions between an industrialized (modular) home, controlled by TDLR, and a made home, regulated by the Texas Department of Housing and Neighborhood Affairs (TDHCA) are:( regulated by TDLR)( managed by TDHCA) Modular real estate in the State of Texas is constructed to the same codes as website built housingManufactured housing is constructed to the Federal HUD code standardsModular homes should be put on an irreversible foundation systemManufactured homes may be however are not needed to be put on a permanent foundationTitles are not released for modular homesTitles are provided for manufactured homesOnce set up the house ends up being a part of the real propertyWhen positioned on a long-term foundation, a produced house meets among the requirements to be thought about a part of the genuine propertyThe Industrialized Housing and Structures (IHB) program includes two main registrants.

The Contractor is the merchant, leaser and/or installer of modular units and they are assigned an IHB registration number. Please Note: By law, the Texas Department of Licensing and Guideline is not enabled to open a complaint, or initiate enforcement action versus a manufacturer, contractor or third-party inspector after two years from the date of the last on-site evaluation of industrialized real estate.

If your complaint does not contain enough information for the Department to make a determination that an infraction has actually taken place, your complaint may not be opened for investigation. When completing area D of this type, important info to support your complaint may include: total description of your complaintthe business name, address, telephone number and registration variety of the producer (IHM number) or the builder (IHB number) dates of work performeddate you initially found a problemamount of money paidthe make and model of the modular unit( s) serial numbers and State of Texas decal varieties of the unit( s) the name, address and telephone number of any witness you point out in your complaintDocumentation to support your complaint might include: (Please do not send initial files.

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