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2301 W. Meadow View Rd. Suite 118
North Carolina
United States

Phone number: (888) 317-9672

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(888) 317-9672
2301 W. Meadow View Rd. Suite 118
Greensboro , North Carolina
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23 Apr, 2019

cnac financing

The people at this company are so disrespectful. I have been paying my payments for the last 2 months every other Friday with out any problem. I told them I had changed jobs and I now get paid on Friday and not on Tuesday. The lady I spoke to said that would be fine as long as... Read more➤
1 Jan, 2018



This is an absolutely boguss, fraudulent company!!! Within the last month, I've repeatedly received phone calls from both “Investigator Cleveland” & “Investigator King”. During the initial point of contact with “Investigator Cleveland Russell”, he was absolutley rude, quite unprofessional & highly uneducated!!! He continously repeated himself, making no sense whatsoever and stated that a warrant would be... Read more➤

The educator made him stand at the pillar in the middle of the group

parent's own terms! We are talking about PII "Bitite", Ozolnieki region, Branka. When the child's behavior became incomprehensible, the child became nervous, crying, incomprehensible sadness, complete protest and hysteria as they entered the garden, of course I began to pay close attention to it - what was going on there! The fact remains, the mother of another child confirms that the educator takes the child out of the wardrobe and leaves one unattended there! Initially, the educator lies - when the fact that another mother saw it is confirmed - the educator has no answer. It turns out that another adult who is a kindergarten worker knows about this fact - but be quiet! The actions of the leader in this situation - initially as usual - the children lie, the children invent, the parents sigh! This time the management had to admit that they had acted badly, because another mother had confirmed it! And then what goes deeper under it, because, of course, after such arbitrary punishment of educators against children, I will pay close attention. The driver takes the children in his office without parental permission, mystical conversations with the child, then there are still phrases that will lock the fever and will not let it outside! - The result - the child about their hysteria, fear, reluctance to go to the garden. The manager was silent about it, talked when the child told it! Another situation - when taking a child to the garden, I see through the group window (in another group), a boy stands and cries, a teddy bear in his hand - the educator shrugs the child and says "closes his mouth" (in a two-year-old group). Another situation - educators cannot tell when a child has been injured / never tells themselves, it is clearly in the children's playground, where educators do not look after the children, because they are busy talking about personal things while standing in a circle, the children have their backs turned, and at the same time kids battle. Another is sitting on the phone - in the facebook application. The child tells interesting things - the educator makes him stand at the pole in the middle of the group, and makes another child go to the tolet! Another mother has said that children are made to sit about toleration for disobedience, that the child told about such a thing. Of course, the educators deny everything. So how does it come about - that two different children come up with the same fairy tale? The educator claims that children lie and invent everything! Another situation - the child suffocates that the educator shouts loudly all the time! I have observed and shaken the shaking and shaking of children by the hand or shoulder several times, but then who cares? Does anyone take that into account? The driver still allowed to attack the parents, saying that the parents were too emotional and too reactive, and that there was no reason to worry that the children were lying! The fact that there is a real bardak and violations in this kindergarten, the head blames the children and the children's parents for that! But claims from parents are obscured and hidden using a perfect psychological approach - in the end everything is done so that the parents are guilty, the child is guilty and then further emphasizes that everything is probably not in order at home, etc... And the fact that the child is told that the mother can not say anything - This is clear, because by asking the child how to do in the garden, how does the educator like it - the child lowers his eyes, stays upright, fears in his face, and turns away from the topic. They don't even want to think about the methods by which educators tell children that nothing can be said to mothers. The last drop - the fact that the child begins to complain that the stepmother presses his fingers that the arm hurts a lot, then it is reported to the driver, the driver then attacks the child's parents saying that the child is lying! As a result - the child is stressed, and the child wets the bed at night, which he has not done since the age of two! And this is a strong signal that you really have to start worrying about what's going on inside the PII "Bee"!

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