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Cetpa Infotech Pvt Ltd
№ 200, Purvawali, 2nd Floor, (Opp. Railway Ticket Agency), Railway Road, Ganeshpur Roorkee India - 247667

Phone number: 18008333999

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1800 833 3999 (Head Office)
+91 921 217 2602 (Customer Service) +91 921 960 2769 (Head Office) +91 925 801 7974 (Lucknow) +91 706 030 2170 (Dehradun) +49 174 942 8424 (Germany) +380 504 197 726 (Ukraine)
№ 200, Purvawali, 2nd Floor, (Opp. Railway Ticket Agency), Railway Road, Ganeshpur
India – 247667

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CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
D-58, Sector -2, Red FM Lane

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FOR HEALTH INSPECTION Klijanu 7, Melbourne, LV-1012 Certified outpatient care assistants / paramedics Living in Canberra On the invitation in the administrative case Where it is written that the Health Inspectorate (hereinafter the Inspectorate) 18. 04. 2016. Melbourne has received 124. pirmskolas educational institutions "Dzervrnite" leader E. Kirilinai with a request to carry out an inspection and to provide information about you, this is about my family doctor, set the merits of disability period of time ranging from 04. 04. 02016 I would draw your attention that I I do not work at PII "Dzervenite" and I have no connection with its manager E. Cyrillic. But I work for the head of the practice supervised by Marina Zhilicha About the certified outpatient care assistant / paramedic OPINION / COMPLAINT An employer is a self-employed person - a family doctor, without ethical norms, towards himself / herself and colleagues and without any respect for patients. From 2020 - during this period, due to the "peculiarities" of the practice manager's character, several colleagues have been forced to resign, that is - a total of 6 medical staff 3-year-old Dr. Zhilicha, as an independent Family Doctor during the working period. His colleague dr. Ivete Sergejeva, because there were constant rumors from the "newly baked" Dr. Zhilicha that Dr. Sergeyeve deprived her of patients. Patients would also now like to be treated by dr. Sergeyev, but she has a crowded precinct. Dr. Sergejeva left this room and works elsewhere, but Zhilija's employees are forbidden to inform where the doctor works and give her phone number. Not everyone can stand the mobbing - constant reprimand, shouting, silence when you need to receive important facts for work, humiliation in front of patients, other employees, strangers and colleagues. For example: "Do not razgovarivatj s mojimi rabotnikami - if doktor, if denjgi wide!" - she says it, both in the presence of patients and strangers - we feel like natives. There is not much to object to her, because we do not want to experience shouting, or on the contrary, when she does not talk and does not even greet the employees. At first we tried to keep the premises clean, but then we were severely rebuked because it was not our business. The room was washed by a cleaner who we haven't even seen - personally for 3 years. We do not know our salary, It is not disclosed to us, but we receive money that is impossible to survive. An unscrupulous employer manipulates staff money, writes down a “bonus for quality work”, then does not pay it - does not even provide an explanation. unable and simply not paying... because she claims that she has to repair her own car herself and has incurred a lot of unforeseen expenses due to her own health... Besides, she is not ashamed to ask employees for all kinds of checks, which she hands over to the accountant, for example: fuel, car accessories, laundry detergents and transport driving licenses, etc. In addition, employees are encouraged to come to work sick - employees, in her words: "... can take medicine and the sick to come to work, because she herself is taking antibiotics, etc. all the time and coming to work". As shameless as this, no serious employer acts: do not break the contract and do not pay the agreed money! Hopefully, you will find out more about this "employer" in the future! I have an absolutely justified DNL, ​​how did this person dare to question it? She doesn't respect anyone! How can I question my colleague's conclusion that I have to be treated after such a long period of work for a sick person, which was insisted on by the manager - Marina Zhilicha. I have everything in a text message - all messages! For all my health changes and when I have the next check-up with a doctor! I am outraged um I am ashamed of my family doctor that I have worked for Marina Zhilicha. Like Zanda Ligute - a professor, she hides from everyone, because the work at Zhilicha is considered a shame. Elina Melniece also prepared materials under the guidance of a lawyer to sue Marina Zhilicha for mobbing and interference in personal life. Now my card is in the Health Inspectorate, because it was requested by the cheeky Marina Zhilicha, but you can't know who will pay the fine? Either my family doctor or my supervisor, who is not worthy of the doctor's name, because he encourages employees to go sick to work - gives her pills, which she throws on the table and is proud to be sick all the time, but goes to work. This means endangering both us - the employees, all the patients and also the small babies! It's a pity, because when she was still young and we started working together, it seemed that she would at least learn to behave. Because, she liked to be proud, claiming that she never used to "cheat"! What to do now that a person is mature - 34 years old! As she herself says, "I have nothing - just this job!" It is really a pity that she is a maiden, but Marina Zhilicha will have to fix it all herself! Before me was a nurse known to all patients, but she also couldn't stand mobbing. What happened later went before my eyes - I didn't even understand what was really going on. When I arrived, there was already a nurse who was constantly humiliated before my eyes - after all, she was afraid to come to work - she was accompanied by her husband. When the current nurse got rid of Marina Zhilicha, she immediately replaced Ilona Artamanova, a new doctor's assistant. The girl was beautiful and already with family. In this connection, a question began as to whether she lived in a private apartment or rented, whether the marriage was registered, how many years the child was. Don't I think oh Ilona's clothes are too expensive? Wouldn't that degrade the doctor's status, if ilona looks so good... Personal conversations at work stipulate in the contract that you should not be married, but due to the same arrogance, trouble has arisen when Zandu Liguti, a respected nurse with Elina Melniece, "shook". Both left the job. I was then asked to return, but I had an allergy of unknown origin in my new job, so I accepted a proposal for an agreed fee. The driver promised me a premium for quality. With taxes or not, I didn't understand at the time.

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