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Capital Bluecross

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Capital BlueCross
PO Box 779519, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17177-9519
United States
Phone: (800) 242-4816

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Complaints & Reviews — Capital Bluecross

Capital Bluecross offers a over the counter drug program from Nation company. It is next to impossible to use. After many hours on phone and computer trying to access was told could not get necessary card to use because Nation does not have a valid address for me. I was mailed catalog of Nation drugs new cards… Read more➤

Capital Bluecross
6 Jan, 2020

Capital Bluecross Kind of ok

To be honest, all health insurance sucks – but when I had a real unexpected crisis and faced catastrophic bills, they weren’t so bad. And there customer service was much nicer to me than with other insurance companies I’ve been with. So until universal healthcare and no deductibles or coinsurance, I give them a 4.

Got a call from CVS saying that they needed more info about my insurance, even though they’d been covering my prescription for the past 6 months. Turns out, CapBlue rejected it. After sitting on hold for an hour, my representative Brian began stammering about the pharmacy not being in the extended medication network. He provided me with… Read more➤

We’ll be contacting them yet again tomorrow. The latest denial was for something I’ve been prescribed for a decade, for R.A.. They’re getting more creative. This one is for ‘ non-compliance ‘ although they flatly refuse to tell the doc what in blazes that means. IMO what it means is a last-ditch effort to have the customer… Read more➤

Have been trying for 2 days to get my blood pressure medication filled. It got denied at my local pharmacy so Capital Blue said I would need to go to CVS. Drove to the closest CVS. Denied again. Called the doctor, he called Capital Blue and resubmitted the prescription under their requirements. Denied again. Called Capital Blue… Read more➤

We pay $2300/mont for a family of 4, no pre-existings. They cover nothing! Everytime we go to any doctor, specialist I get bills! I need to see an ortho, which there are about 75 in my area, no they want me to travel 45 minutes to someone I never heard of! To have lab work done they… Read more➤

Two time breast cancer survivor, instructed by oncologists to always have a diagnostic mammogram. Never had a problem tilll l had this lousy insurance. Now stuck with all the bills.

Capital Bluecross
19 Jun, 2017

Capital Bluecross Prescriptions

Our doctors give us medications and how much they want us to take because they are the doctors not insurance companies so why is capital blue undermining our doctors by giving us a quantity limit! why should anyone pay for insurance when all they do is refuse to pay for what we need! what our ” DOCTORS”… Read more➤

This is by far the worse insurance we have ever had! Do not choose if you have any health issues at all. This was the first insurance company that has denied treatments for my son with Crohn’s disease in the last eight years. Not reliable. No consistency with their coverage and co payments, one time it is… Read more➤

I have a Medical Advantage Plan with Blue Cross – Senior Blue PPO. It is offered to retired teachers. I am so disgusted with getting passed around to find out answers to simple questions. I simply want to know co-pays for 2016 for 2 medications. I am given incorrect information and different answers for the same question…. Read more➤

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