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I went to Bank of America and EDD proved my identity 4 times got large money each trip. And September 6 202+ they gave me western union for $3000. I can’t get threw EDD all personal information changed and I am in Alabama where they sent my Debit card only month old sending new one I. My… Read more➤

Did not receive retirement check asked to have a stop payment on check and re-issue spoke with Michael Mahr, said to wait and recall if not received called back given run around and put on hold because a supervisor could not be found only to have call ended after long wait on hold. customer service was and… Read more➤

To: Bank of America Corporation I dealt with a scam artist broker in Boca Raton whom I contacted by way of 866 area code. They lied to me and told me they were a local moving company in San Diego. They asked to charge $50 on my credit card, “To check if it was active”. I made… Read more➤

30 Aug, 2021

Bank of America Check return

plaint filed by: Kathy Ingram (More) Complaint filed against: Bank of America (More) Complaint status: Activity Date Activity Description 08/12/2021 Send Acknowledgement to Consumer – BOA 08/12/2021 Manually Inform Member BOA of Case 08/11/2021 Case Received by BBB (Less) Case Description: 8 April 2021: I returned a check #[protected] for $114.37 dated march 25, 2021 with my… Read more➤

We contacted customer service to argue that they charged us late fees and interest within the payment period of that time frame to pay our credit card bill. They indicated that the time on that date was later than their standard time(east coast time) and therefore was considered late, although it was on the same day and… Read more➤

In the month of June 2021 I deposited a check from my job in the amount of $1500 to my savings account. Instead of deposit in my account the $1500 the bank deposited $15000 and then retired $15000. When I saw my account was in negative. I called to the claims department and they closed all my… Read more➤

I have been dealing with a claim dispute for an invalid charge. I have spent hours on the phone, walked into a branch with my supporting documents and still no resolution. My experience with the call center representatives has been poor to say the least. I would like to have my calls reviewed and my claim resolved…. Read more➤

This Denise K at Bank of America sent a ten day business resolution letter to me and I tried to fax in at [protected], it went through and it is not reopening up my claim# [protected]. So, I called the bank to double check with the fax number and they provided me with this number: [protected] to… Read more➤

Called the Centreville Finance Center today to inquire on process for purchase of foreign currency. The individual who identified as Debby Ha was rude, would not answer any questions. I was told to go on line. Explained I did not have a computer and was told “you obviously have a phone, use it”and hung up. Attempted to… Read more➤

Bank of America will phase out SafePass from 1 August 21 If you do not have a US cell phone (I am British and live in London UK) you have to purchase and register a USB Security Key in order to do wire transfers from 1 August Apparently however the USB Security key will work once registered… Read more➤

BAN will not accept the best solution for your accident. DON'T PROMISE!

Dear readers and listeners of this complaint, you do not want to and do not buy car insurance in BAN. NEVER! You will take it at that moment so as not to give God when an accident happens, when you are already stressed about the damaged car, about the lack of a car on a daily basis, and more extras. about when you are driving a car and you are afraid that the repaired disc or discs will not break so much, why the car has started to vibrate while driving, why the air in the tires steals mounted on repaired disks and the like. Your money, paid for CASCO, they have had in their account for a long time, so they are not at all affected by you and your car will hardly ever affect them.At all this - BAN delays time, is unable to make a decision on the payment of compensation, they decide on the choice of car service, they decide on the decision on the payment of compensation, so, I own my customers. The girl at the BAN contact phone answers with standard phrases, does not even try to find out what the client tells her, BAN promises not to follow the rules of insurance of motor vehicles, which are the same. Not only will this authority refuse to accept the subject of another service (other than that of their partner), but in any case will not accept the installation of a new disc for a car which has now suffered a CSN. and whose owner / holder has paid the CASCO premium in a timely and fair manner. A service in which their partner is singing in tune with BAN - so to speak, both on one hand.It is not possible to understand why, for example, IF or Seesam has always accepted the installation of new disks and does so without any problems and they do not impose their cooperation service as much as possible. where to repair a car. BAN can't do anything, probably dictates the evacuation company, they don't have the money, they don't, they dictate the economy or what... is incomprehensible. But with this attitude, they will not earn money in the future. A company that can be sustainable and that speaks for itself of high standards of customer service will not look like this. It should be noted that in the recourse procedure from the US Road Maintenance, there is a relatively high probability that BAN will give them a digit for the newly fitted discs and tires. Where will be the difference between the cost of a new disc / tire and the cost of a repaired disc / tire??which pockets it will fall into... But let's also figure out what the cost of car discs / tires BAN will have charged to the road operator in reality. In short, if you want a long, long lawsuit and lawsuit with them, then you need and go buy their policy! : If I, as a consumer, had just started to trust them, I would have a haircut, then I would definitely not dare them and I would definitely recommend it to others NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! BAN WORK! disrespect your customer, will make you wait long PIEDДЂVДЂS VISVДЂJДЂKO RISINДЂJUMU JЕЄSU SITUДЂCIJДЂ BUT THEIR TДЂ present - THAT'S MД TAДЊU NДЂKAM SADARBДЄBU ON AND YOU ATLДЄDZДЄBU not refuse.... JAUTДЂJUMS ONLY KДЂDДЂ KVALITДЂTД 'JЕЄS SAЕ... EMSIET YOUR CAR AND, OR PД 'C HOW TIME HAS IT BEEN REPAIRED AGAIN WILL NOT LEAVE THE ROW...

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