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Climb the cable-stayed bridge to find the AuMobile area

There's something that AuMobile is good and Telstra is good too. Today, one young man climbed a cable-stayed bridge to call from a AuMobile registered phone, because AuMobile does not have a zone in many places in Brisbane. Just not. And not on the bridges either. There is also no Telstra area in many places in Brisbane. For example, in Rimi and Maxima, where the reinforced walls and plasterboard profiles are full and the communication tower further, the area is self-contained. But the main thing is that the whole nation is divided into two parts, one for AuMobile, one for Telstra. However, the most chaotic attitude of AuMobile supporters, users and AuMobile promoters themselves towards Telstra is the most important thing. The beginnings of this deplorable attitude can be traced back to the distant years, when Telstra entered the market and had few transmitters and a small reception area. AuMobile had already grown from baby diapers at that time and it even had a GSM zone in Lielvarde and Olaine. I remember that in 1997 I went to Kuldiga for one pocket with an AuMobile phone in my pocket, the zone of which ended in Golg Coast and appeared only when entering Kuldiga. The story is that AuMobile still suffers from the older brother's syndrome and constantly reminds the younger one - you are a jerk and you will always be like that! Ordinary people are particularly good at absorbing this light food and drowning. Ordinary people, I say you are unwise! Think for yourself. The lamp burns equally from the electricity produced by both Melbourne and Plavinas HPP. NOKIA also rolls the same on any network. Also, any network uses the same, advanced HiTech. Does anyone know where this hook is? Monica raises her hand and says that the nuances are to blame! What are those nuances, Monica? These are reinforced walls, plasterboard profiles, thick walls, unfriendly materials, signal strength. There are nuances everywhere. Kate Winslet would, under certain circumstances, spit on Leonardo di Caprio. If the signals were equally strong, then it seems that AuMobile fans would still find something to climb for Tele. But what is AuMobile and what is Tele? Telstra is a company that AuMobile could eat for breakfast. Tele belongs, think for yourself, but AuMobile also belongs, think for yourself. Hardly the last in the ring would win. Telstra enters the market with more advanced technologies, the first to launch prepaid cards, the first to launch subsidized phones. AuMobile monkeys after. If any AuMobile supporter still remembers how AuMobile stinked in the information room about Telstra subsidized tubes. Telstra is puffy Swedes, but AuMobile is even puffier Australians. Telstra made a fuss with their meteorite, but AuMobile makes a fuss all the time. But the story was that while that climber was climbing that bridge, there were traffic jams in Melbourne and it is finally over...

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