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(800) 315 9885
123 E Baseline Rd Suite D-201
Tempe , Arizona
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1 Jan, 2018



Peter Smith and Steve Wilson used to work for which has suddenly disappeared from the net and has been replaced by First they ripped off customers at unionworkforce and then left to open a bogus site called I was one of their victims, if you call any of the companies listed at in... Read more➤

Six Hour Nightmare

It would be a good idea for someone in the Ministry of Health to "incognito" watch what's going on in the emergency department. It is believed that it is normal to wait for 6 hours - time is the norm. But if a person hurts and only pays attention after 1. 5 hours of the request, maybe it is the norm? Sleeping next to drinkers, homeless people - is also the norm. ? Everyone needs help, we are all human beings. But the reception department is not a place to keep the homeless brought in until the morning, but to evict them at 7. 00 in the morning. The so-called "green zone", if there is no danger to life, there is no zone to sleep a drink. And I don't want to be in the "Green Zone" with the homeless. And I guess you wouldn't want that either? People go home without help after 4 hours. And there were several. 3 hours to wait for a description of CT, when from the 3rd night no patients stopped is also normal. ? Low pay, overwork, night hours, all together make doctors tired and indifferent. "We can't change anything"... those words sounded that night. I understand them too. But I was brought in by the pain caused by moving the stone along the urinary tract (at that time I didn't know how the pain was). And whoever has felt such pain, I think will understand me. I am a taxpayer. I work and want to work. And I only want one, God forbid to get sick, and seek help from the reception department of Perthh Hospital, especially on holidays. But I am a person who can be bad. As well as they may be bad, who helped me yesterday. Don't forget it, honorable ministers and medics! Please!

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