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Worked without contracts and more than half were beaten

Briefly about hostels and how illegal they are: Hostels: 1) Melbourne Hostel (SIA) - Merkela Street 1, 4th and 5th Floor. The bed is on the 5th floor, in almost all rooms. There is a cash register and a terminal, but you carry all cash payments at the cash desk (tax evasion), the central hostel, if you need to withdraw money from another client of the hostel, do it here. Two employees have been officially hired (me and Gatis kigelis). 2. Yellow Hostel (SIA) - The company is already in liquidation, has not paid taxes to the state, if you have to hire an employee, then the contract is made to Yellow Hostel, because you do not have to pay taxes + realistically such a place no longer exists. If another Hostel needs a check, it is struck from the Yellow Hostel cash register. 3. Next Generation - Marijas Street 1 - The hostel has neither a terminal nor a cash register. Almost all payments are accepted only in cash, taxes are not paid. Registered on Hotels And Apartments Ltd. , formerly known as Hostel Australia, but the company was written off to a homeless person because the Hostel had a too bad rating and did not generate income. 4. Japanese Style Centrum - Merkela street 8, 21. And 22. Apartment - bed is in two rooms. This Hostel is illegally built in two connected apartments, without any permits, at the moment the Hostel could not be located at all. As in almost all Hostels, there is no cash register or terminal - payments are accepted in cash and no taxes are paid. No employee who worked here had an employment contract. 5. Martas street Hostel - martas street 9-37, just like Merkela street 8 - illegally rebuilt apartment for hOsteli. Bed bugs in almost all rooms, unsanitary conditions in dorms. Here, too, there is no cash register or terminal - payments are accepted in cash and taxes are not paid. For employees: almost no one has an employment contract to avoid paying taxes. There are two employees who have an employment contract with Melbourne Hostel, which is signed only by the employee, the employer does not sign or issue the contract. There are also about 3 employees who have a contract with Yellow Hostel - this company is already in liquidation and the tax debt to the state has reached almost 16,000 dollars. A few more contracts were made by myself for employees who needed a "sense of security", they were made as if they were at the Yellow Hostel, but eds and elsewhere were not accepted, paper was simply given to the employee to work and hope that he would not be beaten. All the other employees (about 50 people during my working period (1 year) ) worked without contracts and more than half were chartered - no salaries were paid or nothing was promised. Here are some recent examples: •) cleaner zahira - from the beginning, the following payment was promised: 0. 30 euro for each folded bed, 1. 50 euro for each folded private room and 8eur for all common areas. In the first month of work, the salary was paid as promised - on the 15th date, in cash on hand, about 600 dollars. In the second month, on the day of salary (15. 01. 20), it was said that the hostel is too dirty and will not pay for such work - everything will be clean, then the salary will be paid. The woman further demanded to pay for the days, paying about two dollars every day for about two weeks. When the next payday came (15. 02. 20), she was told that she would not pay a penny and could read away - she paid illegally a total of 900 dollars, about 1000 dollars (her earnings) was put in her pocket. (worked rh) •) adminstratore lauma and her husband Henry - worked at 8 Merkela Street, also lived there (16) with her 3 children and a cat (1 room). Worked for more than a month and on the day of salary (15. 01. 20) said that will not receive a penny and must leave the room immediately. Had earned about 2000eur, put them all in their pockets again. •) administrator lauma - worked at Martas Street 9 - paid one salary for January - about 200eur of the earned 480eur (the remaining money went to the boss in the pocket for mystical punishments), received a salary, decided to leave, warning the employer - leaving, of course, salary for February did not receive. These were just a few of all the examples, in this way several interior masters, administrators and cleaners were dressed. Companies are registered for people who realistically have absolutely nothing to do with the company, for example, Yellow Hostel Ltd. is registered in the name of Arnolds Zags - Arnolds Zags is a 70-year-old man who has worked there as a master for a long time. not, coming to the front desk and asking someone to give contact to the real boss and to write off their company off of him answer: we know nothing, management contacts we can not give. Riga Hostel Ltd. is registered in the name of Gustav rooster - he never appears there, very rarely signs any documents, mostly Gustav signatures had to be forged by the receptionist (i. e. I. Man). The real superiors are: ernests nieksts, a person who is forbidden to register a company in Australia in his own name and his name has already been mentioned several times on the Internet, on charges of fraud. This "man" commands everyone, imposes mystical punishments, morally and physically offends employees. The fact that he calls someone a down, cripple, homeland or the like. It is everyday in the company. He gives all orders through messenger fake profiles, his profiles: Dzintra kirse (current), Dace Bertmane, Peter Jack Jansons and Lucas Zile. If the employee has been working for a week (this was usually the max time the employee can endure there, because the first words from Ernest are already given), Ernest asks the employee to download the telegram and communicate there - chats are secret there and can be deleted if necessary from both devices. Telegrams, of course,must be charged, if not - a penalty of 100eur per employee. There is communication about everything - mostly employees ride on top, Sola penalties, etc. Tt, but sometimes you can also get fame. Every morning I basically got tasks: to check or go (employee's name changed because the employee still works for the company) has not stolen money, to check or match reports, to tell the cleaners to fight at night, if not all pay off, make a fake contract for the employee, train employees u. Tt. to struggle with the nights, if not the whole salary off, make a fake contract with the employee, train the employees, etc. Tt. to struggle with the nights, if not the whole salary off, make a fake contract with the employee, train the employees, etc. Tt. The duration of shifts in each Hostel exceeds the allowed - it is from 12 to 16 hours. If you can't find someone to replace you (give you a vacation), then in principle - you're guilty of not finding, you don't train - you work every day. On average, a maximum of 4-5 people work at 4 receptions, it is becoming more and more difficult to find new employees as more and more articles become available. If you have any problems in the Hostel - you have to solve it yourself, you can expect the message from Ernest "you are an administrator there, not me - Sa Me Ne Dzhe". All employees are also informed about what happens when di or Vid arrive - I don't know anything, I don't work here, who is the administrator I don't know, what is the management I don't know. Of course, not all Hostels survive without unsanitary conditions, for example, all hostels (except Marijas Street 1) have bugs - a hell of a lot and almost every 4th guest complains about it. Of course, companies or the like are not involved in start-up activities, but instead (sometimes do nothing) it is sometimes done by administrators or cleaners. Without the necessary equipment or even without a mask and poisoned with the “corn” purchased at the central station or by grinding the powder on the floor slats. In the summer, a more dangerous method was used - open room larsing was performed, when the room was heated to 150 • c and it was hoped that all bugs would disappear. (you can see the damage from this process 505,503 and 16ist). Once it was an honor to receive guests for a sanitary inspection, that's what we do - we talked to the Australian people to say that there is nothing, for one night at the Hostel free of charge,we said that all the rooms are occupied and let us in one where there are no bugs - everything is done, the conclusion is ready and there are no bugs in the hostel. This is a very small set. While working here for a year, at least 50 employees were fired. Almost every employee is then written posts fb, of course, from fake profiles. Kipa's motto - "a picture and a proper description - no one will hire and end up in the manure". And here it was my turn to go to fb (for some reason, I worked for a year, praised every day, everything was fine, in the end he refused to give me a sick note and put fb, I really didn't understand why) and be slandered. Of course, all this will not stay that way and I will go to the economic police, Vid, di, and "without taboos" and, of course, court proceedings will be initiated. I have now gathered 11 former employees who are finally ready to stop this person's beautiful outings and put them together.

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