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Hello I am writing to complain about the self deleting of the game modern warfare. I enjoy playing with a few friends on my days off and it is becoming impossible to play. On this passed weekend I had to delete and re-download the whole game again (for the fifth time) and this normally enables the game… Read more➤

I was accused of unauthorized software and manipulation of game data however this is BS my software is purchased as well as my upgrades and i have no clue what manipulation of game data means all i do is play online here and there i don’t speak to anyone and im suspended my user ID is VampirellaChik#5169688… Read more➤

The game is great! No doubt about it. Problems are: -Aim assist for console gamers (controllers) -No anti-cheat of any kind(We live in the 21st century – stop being lazy) -Bugs that were here from the start of the game still exist -Multi-million company and all they do is re-mask the map -Only bothered to do make… Read more➤

I would like to complain over a number of things that have really put me off playing your games number 1; the fact that you do nothing about all of the cheaters in modern warfare, black ops Cold War and warzone 2; that I cannot enjoy playing warzone as there is no option to turn off cross… Read more➤

Sick of old outdated listening servers, please update as we are in 2020! Also, so fed up with hackers, ban all players using cronos and striker mod kits! Next we console players want console only option, playstation and xbox only as p. c still have too much advantage. You make billions so put back a couple million… Read more➤

My activision ID was permanently banned (StrawfSTG#5827391) with no reason provided or no reason I can think of. This was a paid product to which I no longer have access to. I contacted their support team who confirmed all bans are permanent and cant be reversed and conversation terminated. This is a product I am no longer… Read more➤

I am unable to make my clan tag MAGA (Make America Great Again) because it is considered profanity. I would like to know what is profane about a patriotic slogan, especially for a war game where America fought. MAGA is not an acceptable clan tag yet BLM is? It seems as if one side is being silenced… Read more➤

why treyarch has the right to change the game play in hardcore mode and did not in regular mode . I buy the game and all the call of duty since 2002 to play hardcore teamdeath match now i am force to play kill confirmed that i hate without any notice .I think that over with call… Read more➤

hi, i recently bought modern warfare 3 i completed the campaign then i moved on to multiplayer. But when trying to start online it says ''can't connect to online please visit our website'' so i visit the website. NOTHING is there and i keep trying and trying to connect it still doesn't work this made me fed… Read more➤

Good Evening, Kindly accept this email as a complaint about your stokers/retailers who sell to consumers like myself. My 6 year old son is into Skylanders as many children are at his age. He has been waiting for months for figurines to arrive in Australia and also Adventure Packs. My complaint is that your retailers, the like… Read more➤


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