Account Control Technology [ACT]

Account Control Technology [ACT]
P.O. Box 8012
Canoga Park
United States
Phone: +1 888 830 7770

Category: Collections Agencies

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Email Address:[protected] Email Address: ux.smarty.[protected] Dear Yahoo Owner-Able Person My Request Accepted These Yahoo Account has been hack I inform you please remove to full information now because I am the owner able to this Yahoo account and I inform you accepted my request and done it now immediately you can action now because my account… Read more➤

Today I called ACT to inquire about next steps once an account is in default. I wanted to be knowledgeable so that the proper steps can be taken to correct the status. After rudely speaking over me these unprofessional folks told me that they couldn’t answer any questions even though it was a general inquiry. The female… Read more➤

I have never heard of this place until they started contacting my place of work 5 times a day. They belittled me and asked for a manager. I couldnt figure out how they could possibly have my number or knew where i worked until I saw they were on linkedin. My profile is public so I know… Read more➤

These people are…ridiculous. In late October of 2011 I contacted ACT. I was aware that my student loans were in default and I was hoping to arrange a payment plan to get them out of default. The first man I spoke to started the conversation with, “well, if you pay the entire loan right now with a… Read more➤

[protected] ACT Acct Control Technology Inc P O Box 11750 Bakersfield, CA 93380 Uses the scam of “…put in an application with us…” making the person feel they are a personal reference for a job. Illegal! See #807 part 10 in the FDCPA link STUDENT LOAN AGENCY RUDE, AND PUSHY MARISA FALSIFIED WHO SHE WAS CONTACT… Read more➤

This account control technology can be sued for harrassment. There are lawyers now that offers free consultation. A representatibe from this company just call anybody that knows me and badically its not hard to google their company and for everyone to know my business not only that they call my job and even before i could tell… Read more➤

I contacted TG, the holder of my student loan, in late December of 2010. My intentions were to inquire about any options available for me to begin repayment of my student loans. The automated system referred me to Account Control Technology. I contacted ACT the came day with those same intentions. A was given the option to… Read more➤

These so called professionals called my daughter, living in another city, to get information about me. They somehow got her cell number, and called her at work. She could get fired if they find out where she works, and call the bank's number. I am disabled, and do not have a job. I have been paying my… Read more➤

For the past year, I have had my wages garnished for over 200 dollars every paycheck to pay off a student loan that went into default. Last week, I received a letter from NSLP that my loan was paid as of 7/15/10. I excitedly called my HR rep to make sure this was true, and she said… Read more➤


Hello, my American is not so good so that's why i write in English. The first time i rent a car at this company, everything was okay. So the following time when i was in US, i called them again. This time i rent a car in october '19 and still i need to get back my deposit (3 months later). I tried calling, texting, whatsapp, but nothing! Criminals.

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