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I have been actively trying to get a valid benefit claim paid for over a year. I have submitted all the proper documentation for 3 accounts and the benefit has yet to be paid. I have continued to make my regular monthly payments on all 3 accounts, waiting for the benefit to be paid. I have spoken… Read more➤

when it time o pay a claim they will not pay they keep asking for the same info over and over every month and they keep taking your money every month I have been trying to get them to pay on two account since january I have been paying this insurance every month but once I got… Read more➤

I am filing a complaint against account assure because I have $1000.00 in taxes and charges from them over the past 2 years and my credit card bill should only be $300 but my balance is $1335 and I had no idea that I was getting all these charges on my credit card account when I was… Read more➤

I issued a store card and during COVID-19 the shops closed and I paid by phone later I went online to check and there the amount almost did not change and the account assure company debited it from the account assure for almost a year 400 $ I did not connect it this fraud. I’m ready to… Read more➤

I never signed up for this comany, yet, they take out fees on my Express credit card every month I just questioned tje fees and was told this company is not connected to Express. I want to know how they got my information to tap into my credit card. They can’t possibly have my consent. I am… Read more➤

I have a card through Lane Brant and I lost my job. I was struggling to make payments. I called several times to get benefits they would say I never call finally after 4 months they sent forms. I told them to forget it and cancel my membership and they are just now canceling it. A supervisor… Read more➤

I had just gotten my bed bath and beyond credit card and i called to get account assure and the representative who answered was a lady didn’t get her name and she told me just to go online on my account and scroll down and apply there and I said ok and then I got the disclosure… Read more➤

I paid for this insurance on my Children’s Place credit card from January 19, 2017 to December 24, 2018. I started receiving disability in November of 2017 and turned in my papers from social security disability. I thought this insurance covered my card balance if I became disabled because I paid fit it each month. I received… Read more➤

This company should be investigated at the highest levels. I have coverage on 2 of my credit accounts with them. Nowhere in their paperwork does it say that they consider teachers as ‘seasonal’ or ‘temporary’ positions and they will not pay. My campus closed due to their failure status, and I was laid off. This was verified… Read more➤

I have been unemployed for 2 Months due to coronavirus. I began the lengthy unemployment process on furlough – well, low And behold account assure doesn't cover furlough because they don't consider that as unemployed. Umm.. What??.. If that doesn't count as unemployed than tell that to my dwindling bank account. You have to present information that… Read more➤

Fraud, 10 USD discount

I decided to take a taxi home because I was coming for the first time discount of 10 dollars. I entered my discount code, registered the card (I did everything according to the points as stated in the rules), and then I called a taxi. The taxi didn't have to wait long - about 2 minutes - the taxi driver is very kind, we start the way home. We have come to my house, I am going to grab you, say goodbye and now the funniest follows. The taxi driver says that I have to pay 5USD, I say that I have entered I am free, because I have a discount of up to 10 dollars, but this amount is only 5 dollars. The taxi driver didn't let me go, says I have to pay... I stumbled and asked; '' can I pay with a card? '' visn said no.. Well what are you doing? I don't have cash.Luckily, the taxi driver was kind and drove to the ATM without turning on the meters. Everything ends well this time, but I advise you not to worry about these scammers

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