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Volunteering process/lack of information given/ contract


I've been forced to volunteer to aiesec tunis because one of the leaders lied that there is no other options and its the easiest visa. They kept pressuring me to pay contract within 48 hours unless i won't travel. They didn't do any background check about tunis, lied about many things as tunisia especially sousse where I was going had very high corona cases, lockdown and vaccine was mandatory unless we will be isolated in an hotel for whole two weeks, and when i applied and made the interview at 2 (touristic visa wasn't allowed at all) another member also gave me false info about requirements of the embassy but luckily i double checked before going, they sent invitation letter really late at the end of 5 while my volunteering experience begins in the beginning of 7 and the embassy took 40 days to reply in which my visa was disproved (along with all egyptian volunteers applying at that time) because of the pandemic and the unstable situation in tunisia. Ive been promised a refund to be sent after a year next August, which is very unrealistic considering the lack of information, lying and waste of time i put up with from February till july and the expenses wasted on visa and health insurance and trying to get vaccinated in a short period unless ill be quartintined all because they dont do a background check.This was the worst experience i have ever had to go through aiesecers are very very unprofessional in dealing with travels (my experience with both aiesec tunisia and egypt) . Because i also unfortunately applied as an aiesec member too at the same time and i know exactly what they're doing. There is no standard whatsoever they only have one goal and that is to sign contracts (which makes them a tourism company not an organization), they dont care about the SDG's ive been even mocked on the phone for wanting an opportunity for gender equality!.
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