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They mixed up two of my orders!

I placed two orders in one day. One of them was small so I could easily go for it on foot. And another one contained some heavy things so I was going to borrow my husband’s car to take it home. So, in two weeks, I received a message informing me that the first package arrived. I mean the one which was small. So I decided to pick it up on my way home from shopping. That was a huge mistake. When I arrived at the post office, they gave me a large and heavy box. I could hardly lift it from the counter. So I had to call a taxi, although I live not so far away. Extra expenses. The second box arrived the next day. I liked all the goods I received. They were properly packaged, so no scratches or anything like that. But that confusion with notifications knocked me off balance.

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I ordered a bag there, it cost about $ 1000. Yes, I know this is a used bag. But according to the description it was that in very good condition B +. But that was not true. The seller did not answer for a long time, then wrote that everything is fine, that everything is correct on the site and condition such as described. BUT this bag needs restoration, which will be expensive, I asked to return some of the money for it, but he did not agree, and now I have an old battered bag that needs to be restored.
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