2 Jun, 2021 → by Luther
They lost our package and we had to order it twice

I like the shop itself. It is easy to navigate. And the selection of products is huge. There are lots of photos and detailed descriptions. But they have serious problems with delivery services. We had to place the order twice. The first package was lost. We were waiting for three weeks, but the package didn’t arrive. Although the courier delivery was not so cheap. Sure they sent us a refund in a day or two after we turned to them. But the first impression was spoilt. However, the price was too good to refuse, so we ordered one more time. It arrived today, and we like it. But we cannot give more than 4 stars.

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I paid for the next day delivery, but it arrived two days later, although it is not cheap. And I was told that this is the fault of the delivery service, so think twice whether you need the package so quickly.
Aimee F | June 08, 2021 | Reply
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    And I can’t return a watch that I don’t like for free, it’s because of their poor description, it’s their fault, but I have to pay for the return. Nobody else works like that, this is the last century.
    Toshi | July 02, 2021 | Reply
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