8 Jun, 2021 → by Oprah
The waiter spoiled everything.

We had a delicious dinner with my wife’s parents there. The food was really good. The interior was intricate but stylish. The music was soft and relaxing. And the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable at the beginning. But the waiter spoiled everything. He was impolite and inattentive. We had to repeat our requests several times. Also, he actually rushed us out of the table although there were some free tables left. We had to tell him not to clear our plates since we were still eating. That was very rude. And the icing on the cake ― the waiter made a mistake and served us an extra portion of appetizers. Then, he understood that the second plate was meant for a different table and took it away ― to other guests. But we have already eaten a couple of slices from there. Taking into account their high prices, such poor service is unacceptable.

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