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promises that I won all this money because I spend more than $10.00 at walmart and I take care all my bills on time.


02-28-18 @2:27p. A man just called with a heavy accent and tries to speak very slowly saying that I won $950, 000.00. He gave me a phone number [protected] and a serial number to a certified cashiers check of the amount of the money that I won. While he was talking I googled up their name and read all the comments on here and the part of the federal identification number was mentioned so I used that to ask him questions that he could provide me that number so I can look up the information he told me to calm down that he's just doing his job, I explained that every company has a EIN (employment identification number) my company has one as well as every other company I know of so if he could just provide me with it in 10 seconds then I will continue to carry a conversation he got upset again telling me to calm down. I just laughed and said now you got 7 seconds he told me he can't provide me with it cause he doesn't know it so I told him that when you do find that number let me know and I hung up. I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing back from them!! Thanks for the info on the FEIN it was very helpful.
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