5 May, 2022 → by Jeff
Prehoda Builders-Poor craftsmanship and negligent


*****BEWARE!!!!!!****** Does not take responsibility for work. Damaged my property, grossly negligent, used improper building materials, failed to follow architect’s plans, failed all inspections and refuses to rectify. I’m now left with building materials attached to my house which must be completely removed, entire project demolished and restarted with a new, competent builder. How this company was ever issued a license is beyond me. I’m out over $27k with nothing to show for!!! @PrehodaBuilders #prehodabuilders takes zero responsibility for their negligent actions, substandard building and clear breach of contract. To add insult to injury, THE OWNER himself, while excavating, discovered an abandoned waste clean out, never informed me, and “assumed it was connected to a dry well. He then proceeded to take it upon himself to backfill it with rocks and dirt stopping up my waste line and leaving me to fend for myself for a week. Then he had the nerve to say he wasn’t responsible!!! Had to have MY plumber at my home till midnight sucking up the crap he backfilled into my waste line. See photos of this “handyman special”. Missed the footing entirely on 2/3. Two swings and missed and one foul tip! Tried to cover up the worst of the 3 with dirt. But at least he’s consistent there in coverups. I could’ve done this better with my tools I bought for my woodworking hobby. 🙄🙄🙄 Such poor craftsmanship. Look at the framing. His method, as he himself said to me is, “nail the $hit out of it and it’s not going anywhere!” STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!!!!
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