13 Jul, 2021 → by xgygax
Not competent employees

Only this provider is connected to our house. I left a
request on my site, they called me back in a couple of days, saying that the
contract was started, they will call when they come to connect. The girl calls,
says they will come to connect on Monday or Tuesday, I’m waiting well, I
canceled all my business.
On Monday, another girl calls, so you left a request
and so on, I say Yes, you should come to connect today, and she says you are
not in the application for connection today. I think okay, with whom it does
not happen, probably a failure in the program, left a request for connection
the next day. As for the price, on the phone, the girl told me one price for a
monthly payment, while the technicians who connected say another payment.
Techniques are also interesting, elementary Wi-Fi can not be turned on a
laptop, I had to help with the Wi-Fi router. Arrived connected left. The next
day, I call the operator to clarify the cost of the monthly payment. It was
something, she doesn’t even know what their conditions are, several times I was
left hanging on the line to clarify the conditions with colleagues. As for the
quality of the Internet itself, there are already complaints, although we use
it for 3 days. There are some failures. In General, I don’t like the provider.
It is a pity that in our house only this Internet provider.

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This company charges a lot of money every month but fails to provide a decent level of service. They are also deceivers, they write one price in the offer, and when an bill comes in, another one appears. And much more. I am just one of thousands of disgruntled clients.
Liane Cartman | July 16, 2021 | Reply
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