5 Apr, 2022 → by Damita
No free returns on the online shop and no help at all!!!

Misleading website, it says they have free returns for Australian orders! Said everything except that they only offer shop credit, which is misleading. But it's not like it's a free return. I thought I could try on dresses, if they didn't fit send them back to save money, like any normal online shop they give refunds, but not this one. I tried to contact customer service and make a comment that I paid via paypal, can't I get a refund this way as it's still my money? The girl who emailed me sent me the same message twice instead of giving me a normal reply.
When the dresses arrived they didn't fit me, they were loose everywhere except my chest, I decided to return them because the dresses I had chosen were too small in my chest area. Also the material was horrible cheap, it looks much better in the pictures. I tried to explain that I won't use this credit if I know the dresses won't fit me, I've already tried their sizes but no, we're sorry but no, that's the answer.

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