8 Nov, 2021 → by Eva Maechling
Midwest Pool Builders and stonecrafters


Midwest pool builders and stonecrafters installed a pool at my home this year 2021. The concrete job they did around the pool is terrible. It looks as if a child did it. When I called to talk to them about it the owner screamed at me that I was insane and his wife sent me a text saying quit complaining and enjoy your pool. Two weeks later they came out and did some concrete repair. One week after that the concrete cracked worse and the coping is dropping into my swimming pool. They were so mad that I gave them a bad review that they will not even come out and finish the job I paid for. They took my pool cover and the grommets to hold the pool cover on to their attorney’s office and dropped it off. So I’ve had to go there to pick that up and pay another company to winterize my pool and to put the grommets in the concrete and cover the pool. All of these things are things I paid for. They are a very unprofessional company. Buyer beware! I would never want someone else to go through what my family has gone through with this company. In the spring I will also need to have a different company repair the concrete. They also left my yard in a huge mess!

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